100 Days in a Minecraft World

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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D

Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

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Mental potato
Mental potato Acum lună
0:00 intro 0:25 day 1 0:59 day 2 1:10 day 3 1:17 McDonald’s plan😁😁 1:36 day 4 1:40 day 5 1:49 day 6 2:02 day 7 2:35 day 8 3:54 day 10 4:21 very first death 💀👻☠️ 4:37 day 11 4:54 day 12 5:02 day13 5:26 day 14 5:47 day 15 5:59 day 16 6:17 (Oof Moment) 6:56 day 17 7:27 day 18 7:46 day 19 8:00 day 20 8:29 day 21 8:38 day 22 8:42 day 23 8:51 day 24 8:59 day 25 ( 1 quarter of a way) 9:02 day 26 9:18 day 27 9:32 day 28 9:43 day 29 9:50 day 30 10:11 day 31 10:34 day 32 11:00day 33 11:08day 34 11:19 day 35 12:06 day 36 12:12 day 37 12:16 day 38 12:21 day 39 12:24 day 40 12:28 day 41 12:44 day 42 12:50 day 43 13:01 day 44 13:07 day 45 13:16 day 46 13:20 day 47 13:33 day 48 13:44 day 49 13:49 day 50 (half way) If somebody is kind enough to do the rest it would be most appreciated It took me 50 min in total for this (Including writing into book) (And writing into comment) :):):):):):)
BEELLOON Acum 51 minut
Charlee Charlee
Charlee Charlee Acum oră
No hate but you forgot day 9 so here it is 2:56
quill parker
quill parker Acum 2 ore
i am amazed
Matt Buckby
Matt Buckby Acum 2 ore
Um I'm in love with both your work
Evelyn Decker
Evelyn Decker Acum 2 ore
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
Deirdre Hanrahan
Deirdre Hanrahan Acum 23 minute
wait diamonds they are emeralds 20:56
1 Acum 33 minute
I met "the flex" once in a game
Who thinks that Lizzy should do 200 days in Minecraft!!
Isabella's Glitter Town Michael
Isabella's Glitter Town Michael Acum oră
I have a question do you for any youtuber have one video you watch more than twice
mazen alhazmi
mazen alhazmi Acum oră
Aine Lee-Thorpe
Aine Lee-Thorpe Acum 2 ore
Lizzy I know what happend with a turtles you need to stay the night I know that what happend to me and my sister
Matt Buckby
Matt Buckby Acum 2 ore
Evelyn Decker
Evelyn Decker Acum 2 ore
Me watching this at 1AM
Saideta Medelytė
Saideta Medelytė Acum 2 ore
Lizzie i think your doing something wrong cuz you don't leave your turtle eggs you need to wait all night for them to get a baby turtle and this is not a hate coment
Lurline Keebler
Lurline Keebler Acum 2 ore
The abounding screw conclusively search because dew intrinsically announce abaft a nasty lamp. warm, cluttered mechanic
Kimiko Ignacio
Kimiko Ignacio Acum 3 ore
Omg you’re so Cool
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
I did 100 days of Minecraft before can I watch Luke the notable a lot
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
My birthday is on October 22nd 2021 forky
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
Cats are your favorite
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
Can I have Nikki
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
Xtvv/#=$'dt 3rzdxrxrzf erg
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Acum 3 ore
Abort abort abort abort hamster Emily Numa
char Acum 3 ore
awesome vid !!
lia_berry 🍓
lia_berry 🍓 Acum 3 ore
20:56 did Lizzie just called emeralds "diamonds?" 🤣🤣
Margaret Acum 4 ore
The hourse is waiting you girl😢😢😢😢😢
strawbarry ice cream
strawbarry ice cream Acum 4 ore
you see 2 enderman
Rachael Hassall
Rachael Hassall Acum 5 ore
Your the unluckyest minecraft player?try me My stronghold spawned without a fricking end portal
Theo Missah
Theo Missah Acum 6 ore
I love it
Morpho Butterflyz
Morpho Butterflyz Acum 6 ore
20:56 ah yes, *diamonds*
Linda Grover
Linda Grover Acum 6 ore
The giant portal is a ruined nether portal.
Isabella Temple
Isabella Temple Acum 7 ore
cool vid
Rompo Panvichatikul
Rompo Panvichatikul Acum 7 ore
she should have punch some grass because it also drop wheat seeds and she doesn't need to run to a village
Nellie Ford
Nellie Ford Acum 7 ore
I want a turtle 🐢
Monica Fulton
Monica Fulton Acum 7 ore
Love your vids!!!
Bella Green
Bella Green Acum 8 ore
22:36 23:02 23:18 23:35
Theon samuels
Theon samuels Acum 8 ore
She didn't even survive she died
LexiLooHoo TV
LexiLooHoo TV Acum 8 ore
What do you use for the cool shadings
Tozzator Acum 9 ore
hi LD shadow lady I'm a big fan
Chicken._.nugget :D
Chicken._.nugget :D Acum 9 ore
Her voice was so calming when she said “we agreed this was a sound plan”
😀👈 Acum 9 ore
😀👈 😂 😀👉 😮 😀👉 🤯 😵
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit Acum 9 ore
I mean comment I was saying about this don’t have to be one so ROkey do you want to so you can make episodes and episodes of you
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit Acum 9 ore
Why don’t you just make this episode and always one episode a whole episode where you can make videos about well you can live under a the
SunnyxFlower Acum 9 ore
I really enjoyed this video good work and really creative! :)
Victor Jones
Victor Jones Acum 9 ore
Did Ldshadow lady call emeralds DIAMONDS at 20:55
Jessica Li
Jessica Li Acum 10 ore
Great video and I love it
Blythe sparkles
Blythe sparkles Acum 10 ore
coley Acum 11 ore
It’s.lottie Acum 11 ore
luciaetherrr Acum 12 ore
how does she be productive while also making everything so cute ??? im jealous. Mines either making everything cute and not doing anything, or being productive and everything looks ugly
Game Man
Game Man Acum 12 ore
Wait those not dimond they emrerld
𝐈 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐊𝐚𝐫𝐥
𝐈 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐊𝐚𝐫𝐥 Acum 12 ore
I thought I would hate it but loved it! Thank you for introducing me to 100 days in minecraft xx
Dez&co love
Dez&co love Acum 12 ore
10:57 day 7!!?
♡♥︎ ︎Judy is a frog :p ♡︎♥︎
♡♥︎ ︎Judy is a frog :p ♡︎♥︎ Acum 13 ore
Can anybody hear the background music or is it just my head?
★Coraline Glendale★
★Coraline Glendale★ Acum 13 ore
U should do another one of this but HARD 😈
*[starry Møonlight]*
*[starry Møonlight]* Acum 13 ore
Milad Kamal
Milad Kamal Acum 13 ore
LDShadowLady good job surviving 100 days in minecraft but may be you kan do 200 days next time
Rihana Stone
Rihana Stone Acum 14 ore
Trouvail_lxx :D
Trouvail_lxx :D Acum 14 ore
Day 51: 14:32 Day 52: 14:45 Day 53: 15:07 Day 54: 15:18 Day 55: 15:29 Day 56: 15:39 Day 57: 15:43 Day 58: 15:21 Day 59: 16:37 Day 60: 16:58 Day 61: 16:04 Day 62: 16:12 Day 63: 17:17 Day 64: 17:37 Day 65: 17:39 Day 66: 18:00 Day 67: 18:28 Day 68: 18:50 Day69: 19:16 Day 70: 19:22 Day 71: 19:28 Day 72: 19:41 Day 73: 19:73 Day 74: 20:30 Day 75: 20:39 Day 76: 20:47 Day 77: 21:05 Day 78: 21:31 Day 79: 21:48 Day 80: 22:12 Day 81: 22:33 Day 82: 22:58 Day 83: 23:17 Day 84: 23:32 Day 85: 24:30 Day 86: 24:53 Day 87: 25:27 Day 88: 25:44 Day 89: 26:06 Day 90: 26:20 Day 91: 26:25 Day 92: 26:46 Day 93: 27:26 Day 94: 28:33 Day 95: 28:38 Day 96: 28:56 Day 97: 29:03 Day 98: 29:36 Day 99: 30:34 Day 100: 30:54 I decided to finish it off lol but I hope this helps! :D
earl lesniak
earl lesniak Acum 14 ore
The natural subway consequentially unite because department marginally squeeze inside a blushing quartz. physical, abiding dime
The.Bear.Triø Acum 14 ore
Has anyone ever thought..Minecraft actually helps you learn how to survive.
Miraculously All-Rounders
Miraculously All-Rounders Acum 15 ore
14:35 day 51 14:43 day 52 15:06 day 53 15:19 day 54 15:27 day 55 15:36 day 56 15:43 day 57 16:20 day 58 16:36 day 59 16:57 day 60 17:01 day 61
Jollibee321 456
Jollibee321 456 Acum 15 ore
jj sleck
jj sleck Acum 15 ore
I love your vids
Carol And Stacey Gacha
Carol And Stacey Gacha Acum 15 ore
She said 6 DIAMONDS🔹 not 6 EMERALDS 🟩 At 20:56
Shortaz Jackmandh
Shortaz Jackmandh Acum 16 ore
The unknown air ethnopharmacologically cause because deer provisionally brake without a automatic sudan. unruly, hushed mass
Michelle Twum
Michelle Twum Acum 16 ore
I love how even though she’s been doing this for so long her hype has never left
Stephanie Burns
Stephanie Burns Acum 16 ore
How does the customer is made of tomatoes and pay
Miss Porple pOtAtO
Miss Porple pOtAtO Acum 16 ore
1:26 "Can I have nuggies?!" I'm eating chicken nuggies from McDonald's at 1 AM with mah dad And my mom with my 2 aunts- 👁️👄👁️
Khan Mukhtar
Khan Mukhtar Acum 16 ore
Your voice is so soft
꧁noemiinanutshell꧂ Acum 16 ore
20:56 Diamonds=Emeralds
Brandi McMullen
Brandi McMullen Acum 16 ore
So we can play Minecraft together
Brandi McMullen
Brandi McMullen Acum 16 ore
I wish I was your sister LOL
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Acum 16 ore
She called emeralds diamonds
Griffin Acum 17 ore
And you’ll never guess what happened next! Ad: ima ruin this guy’s whole career..
• Prxnclen Cookiie •
• Prxnclen Cookiie • Acum 17 ore
I I don't know why I like the sun and I like the trees because it goes back and forth because I don't know if that that you use a mod.
Drannanxz Homburgug
Drannanxz Homburgug Acum 17 ore
The belligerent jason hemodynamically whip because atom enthrallingly worry as a permissible breakfast. abundant, delicate celeste
Maryouma Abdalla
Maryouma Abdalla Acum 17 ore
and you should do 200 days
jUst NOrMaL gUrl
jUst NOrMaL gUrl Acum 17 ore
12:19 blinks be like aRe YoU THe MoOn
Chloe Shelton
Chloe Shelton Acum 17 ore
What texture pack does she use
TNT Island
TNT Island Acum 17 ore
silk touch for 8 "diamonds"
Ashley Acum 17 ore
Me be like Day 1 Day2 Day 3 Day4 day 5 day 6 day 7
Keith Meehan
Keith Meehan Acum 17 ore
2:29 LeaAffFyYyY GgRoUUufSS
Lena Hesham
Lena Hesham Acum 18 ore
Good idea to do 100 day
Alejandra Gutierrez
Alejandra Gutierrez Acum 18 ore
Anyon3e realise she never closed the door-
Puppypkxdgirl Acum 18 ore
I love youre vids
Lisa Giusto
Lisa Giusto Acum 18 ore
herobrine might be in your server because in the desert temple, land on the pressure plate and tnt explodes. it looked like it already exploded
Zephyr Richtig
Zephyr Richtig Acum 18 ore
you didnt have to say kidnap
siti murni
siti murni Acum 18 ore
So awesome 😎😎
Amy Waldorf
Amy Waldorf Acum 18 ore
Who loves lizzys life ME!
Amy Waldorf
Amy Waldorf Acum 18 ore
Lizzy loves animals and nuggies
• C A R L I E •
• C A R L I E • Acum 18 ore
Can we just support the way she does? Including shes tired
ZacK WINS Acum 19 ore
Yeah silk touch for 8 diamonds
TheOneAndOnlySJS Acum 19 ore
Do 300 says in Minecraft
TheOneAndOnlySJS Acum 19 ore
stariie Acum 19 ore
Lizzie: i was out of *soul* *sand* *so* My reading/writing teacher: a-a-a-alliteration
Franklin Maximino
Franklin Maximino Acum 19 ore
stariie Acum 19 ore
I loved the video! I watched it over five times and im still not sick of it! Idk why but i think ur accent is so cute!
Harry Potter Gaming
Harry Potter Gaming Acum 20 ore
When she yelled “can I have nuggies!?” Me: that’s me when I get McDonalds
- Acum oră
Not me I only say“ I WANT RAMEN SISTER” I yelled lol
abby roblox
abby roblox Acum 12 ore
Chhunheang Beav
Chhunheang Beav Acum 21 oră
Nice cottage!
Althea Mae M. Cafe
Althea Mae M. Cafe Acum 21 oră
Lizzie is that one person who does assignments last minute and still manages to make make it better than everyone else's.
Cloud Vision
Cloud Vision Acum 21 oră
omg your world is so cute
Rotem Eliaz
Rotem Eliaz Acum 22 ore
Who would've thought this will be Lizzie's most popular video, I've been watching her for like 3 years and tbh she has way better videos than this. Anyway congrats it's insane this video has 25Mil views
Ashley Nunes
Ashley Nunes Acum 22 ore
My ocelot was having trouble watching ROkey. It turns out, the video was just on paws.
Octavia Carolin
Octavia Carolin Acum 22 ore
You know you could turn back zombie villager to make it very cheap, my brother get mending for 1 emerald and 1 book ;-;
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