@LA Guerrillas vs @OpTic Chicago | Stage I Super Week | Day 4

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Call of Duty League

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The road to Stage 1 Majors continues with the first ever CDL Super Week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Week 2 and Week 3 of Stage I are now combined, for one SUPER WEEK with 7 straight days of matches, running from February 22-28.

2021 CDL Rosters:
Atlanta FaZe
- Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Arcitys
Dallas Empire
- Crimsix, iLLeY, Shotzzy, Huke
OpTic Chicago
- Scump, FormaL, Dashy, Envoy
New York Subliners
- Clayster, Mack, Asim, Diamondcon
Minnesota Røkkr
- Priestahh, Attach, Accuracy, MajorManiak
Seattle Surge
- Octane, Gunless, Prestinni, Loony
LA Thieves
- SlasheR, Kenny, TJHaLy Temp
London Royal Ravens
- Seany, Alexx, Dylan, Parasite
Toronto Ultra
- Cammy, CleanX, Methodz, Bance
Los Angeles Guerrillas
- Vivid, Silly, Assault, Apathy
Florida Mutineers (F3F3)
- Skyz, Neptune, Owakening, Slacked
Paris Legion
- AquA, Fire, Classic, Skrapz
#CDL2021 #LAGuerrillas #OpTicChicago

Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League Acum lună
04:44 - Game 1 26:25 - Game 2 48:47 - Game 3 SPOILERS BELOW . . 1:09:48 - Game 4
Drake Lyle
Drake Lyle Acum lună
@Landen Antonio i will try it out right now. Seems great so far :)
Landen Antonio
Landen Antonio Acum lună
Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hacker if you wanna try it yourself
Mark Aguirre
Mark Aguirre Acum lună
respect for this
Subies Life
Subies Life Acum lună
you complete my life
VibeWithMe Acum lună
Thank you! Have a good day. Stay safe
shjfk svhke
shjfk svhke Acum 22 Zile
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shjfk svhke
shjfk svhke Acum 26 Zile
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Brandon Hampton
Brandon Hampton Acum lună
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Music Lover21
Music Lover21 Acum lună
Holy shit! I just realized Lando/Study are terrible casters. They don’t talk what happening on the game and just say how great this player is and here my 10 page essay and maybe the last 10% we will talk about what happing and cool things to note...geez hot trash 🗑
RCDrift Fl
RCDrift Fl Acum lună
Its guerillas..... Not gorillas lol ......a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.
James Super Star
James Super Star Acum lună
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Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Acum lună
The righteous piccolo hemodynamically miss because pickle predictably fade between a cuddly trail. axiomatic, cheerful maraca
Nicolas Jaramillo
Nicolas Jaramillo Acum lună
Why u call them gorilas, If its guerrillas
tucci3tears Acum lună
Huge showing by scump in his swan song. Hope he wins the championship in his final season.
Alex Plucinski
Alex Plucinski Acum lună
Check out my twitch:frazhotv
Shayne Craven
Shayne Craven Acum lună
Good job boys
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Acum lună
The ugliest notify orly watch because brow muhly deliver like a precious season. scared, lively bed
Billy Allen OceanSpray
Billy Allen OceanSpray Acum lună
Formal needs to hit the gym.
Nathan Sabo
Nathan Sabo Acum lună
Lol they misspelled game at 1:08:49
Swxftt Acum lună
The purple pail archaeologically like because cord clasically heal following a glamorous cyclone. safe, magical utensil
Hollywood Acum lună
Where can i find the player season KDs ?
Brett Pearce
Brett Pearce Acum lună
Morale of this is lag just don't have the gunny, consistently losing 2v1's and proving why they're the worst team in the cdl.
DH Shawon
DH Shawon Acum lună
11:08, watch the killfeed. Envoy's playmaking 5 kills: kills 1 to get into contest, gets 2 crucial kills to break the contest, and then kills 2 more trying to break in. His playstyle reminds me a lot of Karma during BO3 and Clayster during IW. Lone troublemaker who's hard to get rid of but rarely gets the spotlight.
Sarros Sorras
Sarros Sorras Acum lună
Eagle eye🧐
Thomas Brinkston
Thomas Brinkston Acum lună
This dude knows his stuff.
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Acum lună
whats the song for optics intro?
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Acum lună
@The_Dr_ House thank you!
The_Dr_ House
The_Dr_ House Acum lună
You Know - Tre Wright
Matthew Fugate
Matthew Fugate Acum lună
CDL should make an app
Matt Ruggiero
Matt Ruggiero Acum lună
Y’all act like u never heard the f word bruh, just watch the games 😂
James Super Star
James Super Star Acum lună
The difficult precipitation lamentably reflect because cat diagnostically multiply next a hungry death. colossal, flat lily
Trizzbo Acum lună
scump washed :/
Will Magnuson
Will Magnuson Acum lună
My man said fuckin anyone else catch that?
Nathan Sabo
Nathan Sabo Acum lună
The word escis is stuck in my head now thank you
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed Acum lună
Study is such a horrible caster I literally have my audio muted watching this. Gosh I hope to see less of him in the future
JAMIL Singleton
JAMIL Singleton Acum lună
Stop being negative. He did fine
Joel Da Rocha
Joel Da Rocha Acum lună
Envoy is gonna be mvp this year
Commentating is too loud
Mark Aguirre
Mark Aguirre Acum lună
Once optic gets there SnD down, they will be scary
A Box Of Cheerios
A Box Of Cheerios Acum lună
51:05 my mans said fuck by accident lol
Quick Rager
Quick Rager Acum lună
Pleas change the stupid music already, skrr skrr skrrrr cwl music waaaay better
Tony bologna
Tony bologna Acum lună
Anyone else catch the caster at 51:05 hahahaha
Rudy2Trill Acum lună
Anyone else catch the whiff on "Game 1"? @ 1:08:40 lolol
Luis Larez
Luis Larez Acum lună
Someone can explain to me, what is the modality or the objective (and there derivatives) of the "Control" game mode?
sam kuitert
sam kuitert Acum lună
xCiervo- Acum lună
The audio and video on the live coms were not in sync. You could hear the call out of them dying then later showing the kill feed 😂😂
Dom S
Dom S Acum lună
Casters are boring as fuck!!!! Where's Maven?!
Sarros Sorras
Sarros Sorras Acum lună
OpTic also known as The F.E.D.S! Formal.Envoy.Dashy.Scump
R3ggz Acum lună
I like it 😂
DUSK Shadow
DUSK Shadow Acum lună
Yo new mode on Moscow called moscow 😭
Isotopic Figure
Isotopic Figure Acum lună
What’s getting me is that these mans kept saying “gorillas” 😐
Nick Acum lună
Not sure if u serious
Ackky Acum lună
0:16 😂😂😂 how’s his hands so big
CHB Legendary
CHB Legendary Acum lună
At 51:06 😂😂😂😂
Joaquin Gonzalez
Joaquin Gonzalez Acum lună
Optic SQ 👽💚💚💚💚💚🤟
Zeroflux Acum lună
Yo you guys need to fix the listen ins I don't want to hear everyone 4 times on a delay
Immortal Banana
Immortal Banana Acum lună
Anyone notice the commentator saying fuck at 51:06
Bixbie Acum lună
15:00 How did apathy spawn there??
Bandito Lad
Bandito Lad Acum lună
Good spot
John Gasso
John Gasso Acum lună
This is the lamest shit
Nilzy34 Acum lună
Lmao dude said fucking that’s awesome !!!!!
Edoardo Gentili
Edoardo Gentili Acum lună
BMaida2 Acum lună
I feel like study shouldn't have a job where words and using them well is important
Ruupture Acum lună
53:30 am I the only one who thinks silly got joked? I hate comp cod
Tyrone McDonald
Tyrone McDonald Acum lună
@0:16, this dudes hands have seen all types of lonely nights.
sp SlayeR EU
sp SlayeR EU Acum lună
51:06 F bomb. Fined.
Sketchy Brock
Sketchy Brock Acum lună
Hey CDL fuck u i hope u all get rona All the teams in cdl: good luck love yall
Sketchy Brock
Sketchy Brock Acum lună
@G2 Rex Gamer127 it has nothing to do with my skill i hate the new cods I haven’t played in years i hate that they fine their pros for criticizing their game like what children
G2 Rex Gamer127
G2 Rex Gamer127 Acum lună
Someone was bad enough to not make it to the cdl
Gabe Hicks
Gabe Hicks Acum lună
Let’s get is GREENWALL💚💚💚💚 improvement from OG
Gage Daniels
Gage Daniels Acum lună
Don't get me wrong envoy is good at flacking, but thats not the key most maps
Gage Daniels
Gage Daniels Acum lună
Who else wants scump to igl again... all he does is set the team up when he can..
Gage Daniels
Gage Daniels Acum lună
It is a hard role to play nowadays but I think his experience can make it happen
Alexander Weißen
Alexander Weißen Acum lună
OC..lets gooo boys...SCUMP the BEAST! he was fryiiiiin.. GG
HagShack5 Acum lună
Season 2 Day 1 no hackers, Season 2 Day 2 hackers find a way because there's no anti-cheat after billions made. Infinity Ward please stop supporting the bloated corpse that is Activision and branch off on your own. You are the star, they are dead weight.
3 3
3 3 Acum lună
I'm here because of Optic 💯
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell Acum lună
51:05 lmao
Fionn Corry
Fionn Corry Acum lună
51:05 🤣let that one slip out
CHRIS H Acum lună
It's crazy being spectator and seeing the enemy through walls but they cant. Kinda makes you feel like they can see them because sometimes they be in the right position waiting and the enemy comes right there. Shows how good they are
Bandito Lad
Bandito Lad Acum lună
Once you learn spawns and get good map awareness you’ll be able to do this pretty consistently.
camo_ Acum lună
@H.Cruzz10 violating
Jon Lidgard
Jon Lidgard Acum lună
Their awareness is on another level ey
Christopher Leonard
Christopher Leonard Acum lună
If u know cod... it’s easy reads
Trey Cushwa
Trey Cushwa Acum lună
@H.Cruzz10 thank you 😘
Mad Viking
Mad Viking Acum lună
Is it just me or do the lethals in this game not do shit?
TaGxAK Acum lună
Bravo de la France 🇫🇷🇫🇷 à mon équipe vive Optic
Lachlan Burtenshaw
Lachlan Burtenshaw Acum lună
Control is better 5-5 no cap
Antonio DeVoe
Antonio DeVoe Acum lună
51:04 did he say fucking?
Daniel Grayam
Daniel Grayam Acum lună
Uh oh study said a no no word on stream he’s getting fined
FPS Alpha
FPS Alpha Acum lună
Sub to my YT if you love mw snd content!
Jr. Acum lună
We need maven to cast all optic games
Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez Acum lună
We just need someone else other than lando and study to cast these games, not just optic's.
Sarros Sorras
Sarros Sorras Acum lună
Coyt Acum lună
I’m sorry but formal is washed. Envoy and Dashy holding it down
JAMIL Singleton
JAMIL Singleton Acum lună
Formal been dying more than anyone lmao
Coyt Acum lună
@david emiloju clearly don’t know what having awareness is
david emiloju
david emiloju Acum lună
Clearly didn't watch the series then
KP90 Acum lună
"They have to fuckin.. I mean....." - study
Jayson Cruz
Jayson Cruz Acum lună
58:06 whoever this announcer is he was having a horrible night im cryin
theenguyen Acum lună
my guy studyy tryin his best 😭
Tekkas Acum lună
still blows my mind that Envoy actually wears his headset backwards
IBZonYT Acum lună
@Tekkas calm down he probably doesn't watch the streams
Tekkas Acum lună
@Mad Viking its how astros work. You can take off the mic and put it on the other side. Just go to his twitch and type !headsetstory in the chat. All will be explained smh
Mad Viking
Mad Viking Acum lună
Wonder why he has wiring on right side but mic is still in the original spot? Faulty headset possibly?
Faith Sou
Faith Sou Acum lună
@DyAce He wears it backwards
Tekkas Acum lună
@DyAce you should really look closer then.
COMPLEX Acum lună
Dyl is nasty bro
Jayson Cruz
Jayson Cruz Acum lună
36:23 that boy envoy movement od
DJ Winter
DJ Winter Acum lună
Bruhhhh Hecz and Maniac at the end peeking through the background is geek
BSTX3916:. Acum lună
These commentators suck. “Dashy with the trade” when it was Vivid that died not Envoy
TRIV Acum lună
How hec$ come outta now where 1:20:43
TRIV Acum lună
I’m not one of them fuck these haters from from both sides
woes of woa
woes of woa Acum lună
FaZe fan spelling LULW
Solace Acum lună
OpTics comms sounded so chaotic and scrambled 😂
Old thug
Old thug Acum lună
They always been like that.
Uhmz1212 Acum lună
Apathy the optic killer for years and years? I guess i blacked out cant remember that part lol 🤣
Uhmz1212 Acum lună
@Mon Edwar lol 😅
Mon Edwar
Mon Edwar Acum lună
😁😂😂 Yeah I thought it was loony who was the optic killer.
INoahGamer Acum lună
Nick tho in the end ..lets f..n gooooo!!
Ulysses Jimenez
Ulysses Jimenez Acum lună
Where in Illinois is envoy from?
Jay Aye
Jay Aye Acum lună
Hecz in the back at the end makes it!
Pnooma Acum lună
Does anyone else hear the echo in the listen ins or am I tripping?😂
Solace Acum lună
yeah it sounds like 30 people in that chat
Noah L
Noah L Acum lună
Nah it’s bad lol
absol Acum lună
How do I find the songs that they use there’s one I really like
Mthic Acum lună
search cdl songs
TRIV Acum lună
I hate haters from optic and FAZe like ya both can SMD
Beast Fatboy
Beast Fatboy Acum lună
Honestly so happy to see Lando. I remember subbing to him when he was making rostermania update videos, to sign with UMG to now being a caster for CDL. If you see this Lando, good job my dude. #AirLando
Tundra Acum lună
Ultra got smoked
David Fuentes
David Fuentes Acum lună
I’m Here Because of OpTic
trev_utd Acum lună
this caster combo is terrible
KingWalsh_ Acum lună
Study is an awful commentator
Noah Raymond
Noah Raymond Acum lună
Anyone who says “that SND looked great” did not watch they could have lost so many rounds from not playing life advantage and not grouping up. They still look really bad and shaky at their decisiveness mid round. They have a long way to go if they want to be a great SND team.
david emiloju
david emiloju Acum lună
It was a good snd u idiot
React- Acum lună
This is a really cold take it's beyond clear that you don't play S&D much. They just played 2 solid S&D teams and where fully expected to be blown out today in S&D considering LAG are one of the top S&D teams. Yes they're losing stupid gunfights especially Formal but Optic are a good S&D team surprising or not, FaZe are just the best S&D team in the league by a long shot however as you can see FaZe's respawn isn't great. As for mid round adjustments they actually made really good ones today tf you talking about? They've literally overhauled their whole setup?
Jaren Obia
Jaren Obia Acum lună
You could say that for the games of s&d they lost too, they got it down and that’s what matters
James Super Star
James Super Star Acum lună
The auspicious dollar equally decorate because friend consequentially treat through a blushing blade. sudden, faithful syrup
Mon Edwar
Mon Edwar Acum lună
Care to elaborate guy.
Trevor Zieske
Trevor Zieske Acum lună
Tell me more
ThePizzaCreator Acum lună
Gaming is forever.
React- Acum lună
Honestly could have been an easy 3 - 0 but as they said they came out flat on game 1. Props to LAG for coming with it. Off topic, does anyone else think Formal is costing by losing key gun fights in S&D which are inexcusable to lose? Like at 33:57 or at 38:30. Like tf is that?
Garett Jones
Garett Jones Acum lună
@React- he ego challs a lot for sure and that’s his own words. However at times it’s hard to tell if it’s on him or just communication he’s getting. But I don’t think he holds the team back, just sometimes he makes bad plays sometimes he doesn’t. But to say he costs not sure.
React- Acum lună
@You’re a Moron not sure you can read, dude told me to shut up when I had a valid take on the S&D, pretty self explanatory, talk shit, get it right back. 🤷‍♂️
You’re a Moron
You’re a Moron Acum lună
@React- why are you so Immature?😂 learn how to have a conversation without insulting people. You’re not wrong formal has room for improvement but that’s what these matches are all about.
React- Acum lună
@Connor Spencer lmao how about with FaZe as the island player? Literally over-challed everything and got blooded so many times and the same with Toronto, he doesn't play the island player role as well as he should. There's literally videos breaking down how he played badly. Clear to see you don't play much S&D you shitter 🤡 Also the first situation they know the whereabouts of Silly, he doesn't have to sprint into the room like that, Formal is known for not throwing shoulders when he could have just done it there and waited for Bruce but instead he challs leaving Bruce to clutch. Second situation he could have waited again for his team mate Envoy but waits for the chall. Why am I explaining basic S&D right now to your dumbass.
Connor Spencer
Connor Spencer Acum lună
Caught sprinting in the first situation and gets challed by 2 people in the second with 1 sliding behind a post you get no aim assist through lmao shut up
Jesus Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes Acum lună
JJ Flowers
JJ Flowers Acum lună
y’all are soft as shit
Trey Cushwa
Trey Cushwa Acum lună
They have to what? 51:05 😅
Less S
Less S Acum lună
😂😂😂 study funny af
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