Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video]

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Lil Tjay

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Official audio for "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK.
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Director: Cam Busby
Cinematographer: Sam Brave
Producer: James Sibio, Jay Tauzin, Saul Levitz
Production Company: Golden Child Media
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Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay Acum 10 Zile
I just wanna say thank ya again for making this happen. Ya asked for this song, ya were patient with me and ya made it #1 on Apple and Spotify ‼️ I LOVE YALL FR FR FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. 💪🏿LETS GET IT TO #1 ON BILLBOARD NEXT 😤
Sasha Wint
Sasha Wint Acum 19 ore
Its okay cause we are I am biggest fan love from jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
SqUiDwArD tEnTaClEs
SqUiDwArD tEnTaClEs Acum 3 Zile
Aight bet I got u bro 😎
BG wacky
BG wacky Acum 3 Zile
Yes tjay youve helped me through alot btw i love ur music
7 GOAT Acum 3 Zile
Let’s make a hit fam check me out
La Sonou
La Sonou Acum 4 minute
Y’a des french is
Relaxation Sounds
Relaxation Sounds Acum 10 minute
Gabriela's Life
Gabriela's Life Acum 12 minute
My baby Janet looking gorgeous 😍
Netyx Acum 20 minute
fortnite montage song
Sashawna Tomlinson
Sashawna Tomlinson Acum 23 minute
Dead got this shit on repeat 🔥🥵
Six !
Six ! Acum 31 minut
Yo this song not getting the support it deserves!!!
suju TRG
suju TRG Acum 36 minute
. •_•'
Melissa Dillinger
Melissa Dillinger Acum 36 minute
This low key the best song💗💘💕🦋
Adrian Niknam
Adrian Niknam Acum 37 minute
❤❤❤ uk
Minibeast_ jordan
Minibeast_ jordan Acum 42 minute
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez Acum 42 minute
0:31 when patrick is making squidward hold the jellyfishing net
Daddy Cakes
Daddy Cakes Acum 59 minute
I love this song so much
Youtuber Rozonexkt
Youtuber Rozonexkt Acum oră
6LACK is back at it agaim
jacob may
jacob may Acum oră
You're a goat you should be on the list for the best rapper in the world is it true that goats pin let's see
Smasha Day&Night
Smasha Day&Night Acum oră
f^kin nice
harold harris
harold harris Acum oră
I'm old and I even like this!!🤔🧢
Ayman 17
Ayman 17 Acum oră
who is in 2026??
Brandie Lynch
Brandie Lynch Acum oră
You the best
mikkel vang-pedersen
mikkel vang-pedersen Acum oră
everyone protekt lil tjay we cant lose more champs😔
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Acum oră
The part when it says”I can u get u off my mind”hits hard😔
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Acum oră
Shits so fuckin fire
kimani lee
kimani lee Acum oră
Lil 🐐
Zeke Acum 2 ore
The best part of the song 2:06
Ayanda Mda
Ayanda Mda Acum 2 ore
😁 You guys are awesome so awesome Fuck shit
Jayla Acum 2 ore
This hard😈💜
Ayanda Mda
Ayanda Mda Acum 2 ore
What the fuck calling my phone
Silas Scutt
Silas Scutt Acum 2 ore
Tjay deserve number 1 no question ask.
Paul Giraldo
Paul Giraldo Acum 2 ore
Lil tjay
DTL'S Alex
DTL'S Alex Acum 2 ore
If u dislike this song u are weird
Targeted Victim
Targeted Victim Acum 2 ore
The dutch government and dutch media, and an enormous amount of youtubers have been scattering my personal information over the internet for 3 years. They torture me and gangstalk me on a daily basis. They intimidate me with police cars. I want my privacy and human rights back now! asasas
andrea Acum 3 ore ..
Ben Shank
Ben Shank Acum 3 ore
he CANT make a bad song
Lil Racks
Lil Racks Acum 3 ore
I can't get you off my mind now
BlessedMurkie Murkie
BlessedMurkie Murkie Acum 3 ore
Bro this song hard
Derick FYF
Derick FYF Acum 3 ore
Tjay popped off on thissssss
LilTjay Uploads
LilTjay Uploads Acum 4 ore
Zephania Nthiga
Zephania Nthiga Acum 4 ore
I can’t get this song off my mind
n00 dles
n00 dles Acum 4 ore
Shits so fuckin fire
Richelle Campbell
Richelle Campbell Acum 4 ore
this songgggg is so fireeeeee🥰
Mahad F
Mahad F Acum 4 ore
Me : listening to this song. Dad : enters the room. Dad : pause the song. Me : why? Dad : I have bigger speakers
Kiki Samko
Kiki Samko Acum 4 ore
Call me 5
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Acum 4 ore
Utter shite
Jay Woo
Jay Woo Acum 4 ore
i wasn’t patient for dis😭
John smith
John smith Acum 4 ore
Song of the year
Hold dat🔥🔥🔥
It’s ur girl Gian
It’s ur girl Gian Acum 5 ore
Me and my cousin love this song I made a Snapchat if the song.
YoxFN Acum 5 ore
What my recent video
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez Acum 5 ore
Elijah Shade
Elijah Shade Acum 5 ore
Lil tjay a goat I fuk wit all the music
ShelShellySheldon Acum 5 ore
6LACK bodied this shit!! Good work Lil Tjay, keep making heat 😤😤
boyi tRipPiE
boyi tRipPiE Acum 5 ore
Famous song in France ❤️
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Encrpyt Acum 5 ore
u can get me off your mind (:
since 1998
since 1998 Acum 5 ore
this song hit my feeling so hard at this move on
Mathiasdb -
Mathiasdb - Acum 5 ore
This song boutta get ripped by tiktok
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Jadiel Matos
Jadiel Matos Acum 5 ore
Best song
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
TENISOR XXXTEN 70 Acum 5 ore
Love your songs
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole Acum 6 ore
Shit hits different...
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole Acum 3 ore
*this world burns
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole Acum 3 ore
Love the person we thought they were...but got a big reality check. People only want to hurt the ones that were going thru hell and couldn't express all they wanted so they go after the only thing that means anything to you. Solo till this one burns.
gamer playz
gamer playz Acum 6 ore
Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video] shit go hard ong
Petagaye Reid
Petagaye Reid Acum 6 ore
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
gabriel Acum 6 ore
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Enock Official
Enock Official Acum 6 ore
I listen 🎧to this song almost everyday
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Royal Wetness
Royal Wetness Acum 6 ore
Mississippi bumping w y’all ☝🏻
anmOl Kumar
anmOl Kumar Acum 6 ore
I can't get "I can't get you out of my mind" Out of my mind
soph4930 soph4930
soph4930 soph4930 Acum 6 ore
this song is gonna blow up so hard
One of The People
One of The People Acum 7 ore
Just curious, how old do your children need to be before you let them drop n-bombs? This song was ruined by unnecessary n-words.
One of The People
One of The People Acum 5 ore
@Rio Munjal thanks, now stfu.
Rio Munjal
Rio Munjal Acum 5 ore
16 to say it and my parents don’t even know what an n word is
One of The People
One of The People Acum 5 ore
@Rio Munjal answer the question bruh. You're kinda being a chump. You must be a racist that says the n-word all the time. How old were you when your parents started letting you say the n-word?
Rio Munjal
Rio Munjal Acum 5 ore
@One of The People stfu bruh
One of The People
One of The People Acum 5 ore
@RM4 🤔 ok, how old do your children need to be before you let them drop n-bombs? Look at that, I didn't even change how I wrote it when you ignored it the first time. Ha, you're ignorant.
Craiasa sardaru
Craiasa sardaru Acum 7 ore
I like 🤘🏼👏👏
Ronin Gang
Ronin Gang Acum 7 ore
TJay should stick to making hits like this 💯
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Lauren Spencer
Lauren Spencer Acum 7 ore
6LACK has one of the best flows.
Forester 212
Forester 212 Acum 7 ore
brian epps
brian epps Acum 7 ore
Charles Mwabili
Charles Mwabili Acum 7 ore
i can get you off my mind ryt now how many like that part
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Arad Omidvar
Arad Omidvar Acum 7 ore
I want these girls come man 😡
edny vaz
edny vaz Acum 7 ore
Trop miens la voix la musique est bien
lola mae Ord
lola mae Ord Acum 8 ore
Lil tjay 100% the best rapper
Dat boi Shrek
Dat boi Shrek Acum 8 ore
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Anime Blazer
Anime Blazer Acum 8 ore
Who else loves deep base songs
Naticka Bishop
Naticka Bishop Acum 8 ore
I love this song😍😍😍😍😍
Fr9sty Acum 8 ore
This will never gets old 😤
Paulo Roberto Cajueiro Vicente Silva
Paulo Roberto Cajueiro Vicente Silva Acum 8 ore
Ms BRAT Acum 8 ore
This is like my favorite song rn 😩 it’s been on repeat
Kutloano Toti
Kutloano Toti Acum 8 ore
In the shower: "STEADY CALLING MY PHONE.."
John Adams
John Adams Acum 8 ore
this songs for when your bills call you all at once
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
yuval tal
yuval tal Acum 9 ore
This song going to be the hit of the summer
yuval tal
yuval tal Acum 9 ore
השיר הזה יהיה הלהיט של הקיץ
Angxlx Acum 9 ore
Really cool🔥❤️
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Porcia Hayles
Porcia Hayles Acum 9 ore
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Acum 9 ore
This is dope
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Tayib Hutchings
Tayib Hutchings Acum 10 ore
Best song ever
Frejs Konto
Frejs Konto Acum 10 ore
Pov: ur two weaks late
DeltaForceGaming Acum 10 ore
We need dat drake feature on deh album next👌👌👌
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
RGK_2009 yt
RGK_2009 yt Acum 10 ore
Lowkey fire do 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Iker Navarro Beltran
Iker Navarro Beltran Acum 10 ore
This is fire
Sean Acum 11 ore
Who else gets goosebumps listening to this 🔥🔥
JT YB Life
JT YB Life Acum 11 ore
Nearly on 20 Mil🤘🏾😈
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Kamikaze PG
Kamikaze PG Acum 11 ore
Please come back Aaliyah ):
WFAHD Acum 11 ore
nha 6ix9ines song was better hhahahshshah
Freddie Gardner
Freddie Gardner Acum 11 ore
This tune bangs
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
Sexxy Ida
Sexxy Ida Acum 11 ore
I was brought here from SnapChat
Lo Black
Lo Black Acum 12 ore
Fuk 69 fuk like 69 lil tjaye one raghit 🤣
Kriz Acum 12 ore
The girl is @janetguzman
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