OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

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Amerie Neo
Amerie Neo Acum 4 ore
She’s still smiling she should punish her to let her know it leads to consequences
Raji Sudheer
Raji Sudheer Acum 4 ore
First teach her manners 😡
Marisol Laframboise
Marisol Laframboise Acum 4 ore
The little girl just cut the hair of the mom an the mom just smiled like wat the f***
Lhoksukon Kediri
Lhoksukon Kediri Acum 4 ore
NHJR Tutorial
NHJR Tutorial Acum 5 ore
If your laptop/computer is slow and not responding when playing online games or when you are opening a browser, you can see my video on Chanel NHJR Tutorial whose title is: how to deal with a slow laptop on the windows
💚Henry senpai💚
💚Henry senpai💚 Acum 5 ore
sulatt su
sulatt su Acum 5 ore
When i cut my mom hair: My mom:slipper lol
Luiza Gamer
Luiza Gamer Acum 5 ore
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Acum 5 ore
Everyone's mom - do you have death wish My mom- First cut my hair then kills me 🤓
Lalrinliana Chhangte
Lalrinliana Chhangte Acum 5 ore
rike ayu
rike ayu Acum 5 ore
what's the title of the song?
Razki Naomita Erzanda
Razki Naomita Erzanda Acum 6 ore
I hate KIDS
Darmini 12
Darmini 12 Acum 6 ore
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Acum 5 ore
9 tahun yang lalu
Kezia Jordin
Kezia Jordin Acum 7 ore
Her dauther is so bad if i had a baby she cut my hair i will be soo angry😡😡😡😡 like that
MysteryGamingTrinity Acum 7 ore
If I ever cut my moms hair- I swear she would disown me- I can’t even touch her hair ;p Ps: this is a joke based off how angry she would be so no hate ;p
Inter Carga
Inter Carga Acum 7 ore
ttue4rw Acum 7 ore
Lauren Bradshaw
Lauren Bradshaw Acum 7 ore
The first one is honestly kinda smart for your kid to learn how to do hair
norakma osman
norakma osman Acum 7 ore
Dia gunting rambut
Yoda Acum 8 ore
Kid: cuts hair Also the kid: **hair skills lvl 100**
Jaysea Frazier
Jaysea Frazier Acum 8 ore
Belt time
Zhafira Tsuraya
Zhafira Tsuraya Acum 8 ore
9 tahun yang lalu
Zhafira Tsuraya
Zhafira Tsuraya Acum 8 ore
5 jam yang lalu
Keshubha Bapu
Keshubha Bapu Acum 9 ore
બાપ પાગલ હૈ
Cristina Gloria Rosas
Cristina Gloria Rosas Acum 9 ore
Bianca Socha
Bianca Socha Acum 9 ore
Gostei parapens pela ideia☺️👏
Zoey♡ Acum 9 ore
Zoey♡ Acum 9 ore
Oh dont worry bebe I dont care if you cut mama's hair😀
Jamila Fonseca
Jamila Fonseca Acum 9 ore
Graciela Oliva
Graciela Oliva Acum 9 ore
Roliga videos 2.0
Roliga videos 2.0 Acum 9 ore
That’s not you
Lucio Valdivia
Lucio Valdivia Acum 9 ore
Si fura mi mamá me hubiera dado una paliza
Myrle Kleppers
Myrle Kleppers Acum 9 ore
Oh you know. That evry day stuff like ur daughter just CUTS OFF YOUR HAIR.
Alyssa Locklear
Alyssa Locklear Acum 11 ore
Djwy Uwil EDC 9udiwpciwp]
Minä Acum 12 ore
OMG! I don't care! 😱
chelo cuellar
chelo cuellar Acum 12 ore
Quiero que me ayudes a Reparar mi play station
Daiana González
Daiana González Acum 13 ore
Comentario en Español XD┌(・。・)┘♪
Maria Fernanda Luis Perez
Maria Fernanda Luis Perez Acum 13 ore
Ustedes piensan que somos como sus sirvientes no tontos
ღ Lili Alive ღ
ღ Lili Alive ღ Acum 13 ore
Good idea
Mahekaan Choices
Mahekaan Choices Acum 14 ore
If I did this to my mother she would not give a nervous smile she would give me a flying chappal
the queen
the queen Acum 14 ore
It's like a puzzle for them💙
Marjorie e Alexia Faustino
Marjorie e Alexia Faustino Acum 15 ore
my God 😯😯
Layan Almuhur
Layan Almuhur Acum 15 ore
اخترعتي الفكرة بعد ما قصت شعرك
Nicole Atienza
Nicole Atienza Acum 16 ore
I like the smell of my Mommy's hair
لوجيMidogamer Hamada SwiftKey SwiftKey Xj
لوجيMidogamer Hamada SwiftKey SwiftKey Xj Acum 16 ore
Charlotte Platt
Charlotte Platt Acum 16 ore
Casually cuts moms here, if my kid did taht id give them the worst smack of they’re life, I’d beat the crap outs em smh
Amanda JH h HB Fuentes
Amanda JH h HB Fuentes Acum 17 ore
Dance_guy Acum 17 ore
Mad hacks
Abdul Bari
Abdul Bari Acum 17 ore
Where tf is khaby
Moon Rabidas
Moon Rabidas Acum 17 ore
Pritam Rabi das 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Isabella Cyr
Isabella Cyr Acum 17 ore
It's a good idea for the kid but how r u going to fix your hair?
Marie McFadden
Marie McFadden Acum 18 ore
I love that she was so calm
《•&cherry_gamer&•》 Acum 18 ore
A mi me encanta desenredar cables 😅
sri hari
sri hari Acum 18 ore
Why is her mom smiling if her daughter cuts her hair.
Creative girl Apoorva
Creative girl Apoorva Acum 18 ore
She smiles when her daughter cut her hair Indian mom's - how dare you *Anne de papa ko aaj* 😤😤😤😤
Habibur Rahman
Habibur Rahman Acum 17 ore
So true I agree
Ganika C.R
Ganika C.R Acum 18 ore
To Day No
Ayaan Mohapatra
Ayaan Mohapatra Acum 18 ore
Use your creativity ina much better fucking way!!!!
Elizabeth Gamarra
Elizabeth Gamarra Acum 19 ore
Shreyas Magaji
Shreyas Magaji Acum 19 ore
You are only not king of the world
Beatriz Alvez
Beatriz Alvez Acum 19 ore
Minha mãe tinha me dado uma surra e dito que se eu encostasse em uma tesoura novamente ela ia me deixar careca e cortar meu dedos. Para início de conversa eu nunca faria isso, porque eu sabia o que me aguardava.
Salmabellahcene El Hadrati
Salmabellahcene El Hadrati Acum 19 ore
No se ustedes, pero si yo le corto el pelo a mi madre, ella no se pondría a hacerme un juguete, ella me mataria
Adelmo Geronimo
Adelmo Geronimo Acum 19 ore
Adelmo Geronimo
Adelmo Geronimo Acum 19 ore
Senhorita Army
Senhorita Army Acum 20 ore
Por que os mais velhos não São asim
aswer huio
aswer huio Acum 19 ore
So bad. Baby
Fadumo Hashı
Fadumo Hashı Acum 20 ore
VINOD KUMAR Acum 20 ore
અજીત,એલ ગાડલીયા
અજીત,એલ ગાડલીયા Acum 20 ore
થી એકદમ નિમ્ન દશધધછધઝ તેના ઘણાં
Yara omar Simada
Yara omar Simada Acum 20 ore
أنا لو قصيت لي أني شعرها هتنزل مكان العزل بتاعي فين🤣😡🤣
Victor Galberth
Victor Galberth Acum 21 oră
🙂 🙌
Mona Acum 22 ore
That man is using his daughter
Sp0ok Acum 22 ore
Plz get this crap of my reccomended
Vikas Choudhary
Vikas Choudhary Acum 22 ore
So bad. Baby
Saanvi Kshatriya
Saanvi Kshatriya Acum 22 ore
Her mum didnt even get mad at her if she cut her hair if I did that to my mom my mom would have been so so so so mad
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