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I've been loving Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast and so I thought it long overdue that we take another look at Scrubs from a real doctor's perspective. This one is a special one for me as up until recently I've been a teaching fellow, looking after the medical students at my hospital, so bit of a trip down memory lane for me. We also breakdown some of the medical terms along the way!

If you enjoyed this you can see ALL my Scrubs reactions here (I've covered some absolute bangers):

00:00 Welcome back you lucky people!
00:30 EPIC ONER!
01:15 "A right to be a little cocky"
01:47 Is it really Hell?!
02:33 Dammit; I'm being parodied
03:24 Students we worry about
04:06 H\u0026Ps
04:34 Uh oh!
05:27 Student shadowing
06:20 Femoral Triple Lumen
07:13 "Changing the dressing on a fem-bypass"
08:28 "DC the staples on the gastroplasty in post-op"
09:21 History in 5 minutes
10:33 Mistakes were made
11:07 Me at the end of my 5th nightshift
11:35 JD laying the smackdown
12:08 Nurses laying the smackdown on JD
12:41 Pressure-cooker moments best dealt with off the ward
13:31 Dating students
13:59 Arterial Blood Gas challenge
15:42 Scrubs sticks the landing.... again
16:33 Thanks for watching everyone, have a great week!

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Dr Hope's Sick Notes
Dr Hope's Sick Notes Acum 2 luni
Medical students (or anyone in healthcare!) leave a comment with your first experiences on the ward; I'm sure viewers would be interested to see how it was for everyone...
Ricky Pugh
Ricky Pugh Acum 7 Zile
@LucenProject we chart DC all the time, generally when removing an IV or any thing else the pt doesn't need to leave with or is finished with. I don't know why anyone would want to remove staples from a fresh post op though lol
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Acum 23 Zile
You definitely need to do more Scrubs content. The episode after "My Lunch" one day would be awesome, or maybe their first night as the sole residents in season 2. I'd love to hear about your first night as "the doctor on call".
Jon Acum lună
@Manda Smith Ditto! brand newbie MS3 myself, here….
Jon Acum lună
I’m an MS3 on my very first rotation, which happens to be IM. I watched this episode last night and was mostly struck by how much intern/resident level work the crew was asking of their med students - taking an H&P? Absolutely (I do that multiple times per day)… placing orders, drawing cultures, doing vascular consults, etc when a supervising resident isn’t even present? Absolutely NOT… there should never be anything JD has to “clean up” for his med student - b/c (at least in the US) we don’t have the authority (let alone competency) to independently take actions or place orders that aren’t (by design) repeated by the “actual doctors” (i.e. the residents)… as a newbie MS3 myself, I love that I don’t have the authority to act or make decisions that could harm patients, it’s an invaluable safety net and an important component of what keeps patients safe in teaching hospitals.
Balázs Mészáros
Balázs Mészáros Acum lună
I'm a medstudent the characters are so stereotipical but yet so great, I feel like I know all of them from my hospital. PS: My father -who is an anaesthesiologist- is a real life doctor Cox.
Barjack521 Acum o Zi
D/C can also mean discontinue
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher Acum 2 Zile
My guess for "DC the staples": I think "DC" means "disconnect", and it was an instruction to remove staples. Dunno.
Evan Flynn
Evan Flynn Acum 2 Zile
JD - just because he's becoming a good doctor, doesn't mean he's a good teacher. Completely different skill set and it's unsurprising that one of the three main characters in Scrubs is shown to not be good at it, at least for the first time doing it.
kailomonkey Acum 3 Zile
DC could be disconnect more internet speak than doctor
Jean Braun
Jean Braun Acum 4 Zile
DC... discharged or discontinued meaning remove
Robin Klipple
Robin Klipple Acum 4 Zile
My father's a (retired) Army Doctor, rheumatologist, and I got him the first two seasons of this show on DVD. We bonded! He says that, besides all the "fairly fantastical silly stuff for comedy" it's the most accurate medical show he's ever seen about hospital life and being an intern and new doctor. I love seeing you react to things, it's so good to see you laughing after the Year That Was. Thank you for keeping my spirits up, Doctor Hope!
Gods Demons
Gods Demons Acum 5 Zile
I think I can help with 8:28 through 9:17 DC the staples, I think is an unnecessarily complicated way of saying "Remove the staples". I'm not sure if it's a common thing in the UK to say, but saying "DC" in the US can sometimes mean "Disconnect" so in order to throw some jargon in to be confusing to the viewer, I think they're just using the phrase "DC" which is typically used in referring to losing internet connection, as a way of saying "get rid of"
John LaBonte
John LaBonte Acum 5 Zile
Fun fact: The Hulk version of JD in this episode is played by none other than bodybuilder Rich Piana! He made guest appearances on a few popular sitcoms back in the day it seems.
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker Acum 6 Zile
DC = DeContaminate i would assume so anyway. I am def no doctor but in the Engineering world where fucking EVERYTHING seems to be shorted, I’ve definitely seen DC mean alot of different things. So it’s hard to tell
sether255 Acum 6 Zile
"DC" my guess is it meant "Decontaminate"
allisaurus203 Acum 6 Zile
Ah it's the actor who played Garth in Supernatural!!! I didn't know he was in Scrubs :O
Barbara Matthews
Barbara Matthews Acum 6 Zile
In the US the abbreviation DC means discontinue. It also means discharge it's all in context. I don't think they use it a lot because of confusion. I was a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. I worked for doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. I was also on a ship. Corpsmen have more autonomy on ships because often you are the only ones on board with any medical training.
Heather Mahaffey
Heather Mahaffey Acum 8 Zile
Getting the blood from the artery hurts like hell. They are painful and I almost punched a nurse when she could not get it. It was horrible. She attempted 5x until a more seasoned nurse came in.
Style and Steel
Style and Steel Acum 12 Zile
And Josh was never seen in the series again
paarsekip Acum 12 Zile
Please please please react to my sesame street. It is such a banger episode
Dragonsoul123 Acum 14 Zile
When you said arterial blood test all the phantom pain from the time I learned about it in theory (medical lab degree) came back. Like. They told us in detail about the pain it can cause...
this is me
this is me Acum 21 o Zi
4:33 J.D. channeling Dr. Cox. In both intonation, and gesture....
Desor Acum 25 Zile
If i was not stupid i would want to be doctor
dunessanful Acum 25 Zile
4:06 H&P Dr. Hope "We don't use that in the UK" me, WHAT? UK medical professionals are the only place I have heard H&P in the US we use either HPI (history of present illness) or more comprehensively SO of SOAP, subjective and objective, (AP means assessment and plan).
Josh Acum 26 Zile
Newbie was also the main character in The New Guy.
Murun Bolor
Murun Bolor Acum 28 Zile
Do every scrubs episodes :P
Lucy Speak
Lucy Speak Acum 28 Zile
I love the podcast! Everytime I watch an episode I listen to the podcast for some backstory!
TheAdvertisement Acum 28 Zile
My veterinarian parents love this show! I've only seen a few episodes but they love explaining the lingo.
Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen
Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen Acum lună
9:19 dc obviously stands for decontaminate - disinfect and clean ...
Jay Rock
Jay Rock Acum lună
More scrubs please
Damon Nomad
Damon Nomad Acum lună
When people tell me im not good at somthing. It only makes me try harder to prove them wrong.
joe 727
joe 727 Acum lună
Great callback in this episode. JD asks Josh to do an ABG while calling him "Newbie". If you watch the pilot episode of Scrubs an ABG is the first procedure Cox asks JD to do to test his abilities.
Gaia Fanti
Gaia Fanti Acum lună
ROkey didn't notify me this video! Glad I found it anyway after 3 weeks
easternwesterner Acum lună
You're just a really cool guy, I want you to know that!
bullmike23 Acum lună
There's a similar episode to this one called "My Cabbage.," that you should do too! it also involves JD as an authority figure, but for some bonus relevance it shows how easily germs can spread.
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en]
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] Acum lună
Of course everyone starts out as Josh. But there's a learning curve, and at a certain point, someone who isn't conscientious enough to stop goofing around and actually start improving their performance is going to be too far behind the pack to catch up. JD's concerns were entirely valid, it's just the way he phrased himself that was off. Doctors have to *know* deep down in their bones that the things they do *matter* and that if they screw up, people will suffer... and Josh was neither improving his performance, nor learning how to ask people for help with procedures he wasn't confident with (as evidenced by the large multitude of screw-ups).
amsterdamletter Acum lună
Really enjoy your commentary! I understand that in the context of this episode it seems harsh the way he treats Cabbage (the one who he says won’t make it) but later down the line, he ends up killing one of their favorite patients by accident as he’s leaving so JD was right ultimately even though he could have said it better. Instincts are there for a reason.
Valeaves Acum lună
6:58 quick question here: They tought us to never shave but rather use clippers because the razor blades are too damaging for the skin which leads to more infections - now I‘m confused that apparently it‘s not uncommon to shave nontheless?
Nicholas Ng
Nicholas Ng Acum lună
You should do the daredevil fight scene in the hallway!
♪ ÃdãmPłãÿź_0917 ♪ 李婧瑄
♪ ÃdãmPłãÿź_0917 ♪ 李婧瑄 Acum lună
Dr Hope. Have you just realised that you haven’t finished season 2 of Cells At Work or no? Also there’s also another special at season 1 where it was about the heatstroke thing: What if water was replaced by Pocari Sweat? :)
Mary Kelleher
Mary Kelleher Acum lună
5:20 "it causes so much aggro" Wait, that's video game jargon!
Shroomlord 420
Shroomlord 420 Acum lună
D.c., lol It means disconnect
benjierooster Acum lună
"D/C" in America means "discontinue"
Conor McLaughlin
Conor McLaughlin Acum lună
Can you do invincible finale fight scene
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Acum lună
-Everyone has impostor syndrome- Many if not most have it. Maybe. Some surely have it (I do). But NOT EVERYONE. Do *not* confuse yourself with everyone else.
Sum1 Acum lună
You should review the episode My Lunch
Car Ly
Car Ly Acum lună
D/c the staples means take them out. D/c= discontinue.
Jessica Sommerfield
Jessica Sommerfield Acum lună
Hi Dr. Hope. please review or react to Doc Martin.
Cycra Lisa
Cycra Lisa Acum lună
lol one of the med students in my year is dating one the gen surg consultants at my hospital...
djinn201 Acum lună
Yep jd was cox's in that ep and he realize it lol.
Lenni Alen
Lenni Alen Acum lună
I have only seen a medical student shadowing a doctor once, and she pretty much just watched what the doctor did and asked a question. A nurse student in a ADHD support group was super helpful though, like she found a podcast and other helpful resources more than the actual nurses running the group. Though understandably when you are busy all week you don't have energy to do extra work in your free time like the still new and excited students.
Jordan Wagner
Jordan Wagner Acum lună
Please react to S02E22 of NCIS
Wishford Entertainment
Wishford Entertainment Acum lună
Good day, Dr. Hope's Sick Notes, I understand that your schedule is probably chock-a-block (BUSY), but if you could do a reaction/review on a TV show called New Amsterdam, and see how accurate and close to reality, or how much is it dramatize. I don't have any particular episode that I recommend, but you definitely should check this show out, even in your personal time however much time that may be if any at all! thanks, Dr. Hope's Sick Note's.
van m.
van m. Acum lună
Dr. hope react to Hospital Playlist too!!
Half-Blind Acum lună
LOL, I just became a pompous prick
afkathome Acum lună
I think the "triples my workload" comment applies to most training situations. I'm a software engineer and I could say the same thing about our apprentices. A task that I could quickly do on my own in 20 minutes can easily take an hour if I'm training an apprentice and explaining every step in detail. But without proper training we don't get a flow of new competent people, so it's definitely worth it.
Dragoderian Acum lună
2:45 I suspect the difference is you mean it, whereas Kelso... Well, it's complicated but he cares more about the fiscal security of the hospital than any of the staff.
William Allen
William Allen Acum lună
If we’re being fair, JD was right about Josh. He killed one of JD’s favorite patients!
ts25679 Acum lună
When a doctors personality transitions from registrar to consultant in a negative way we call that "consultantitis". Sadly more common than we or they would like
B Stirling
B Stirling Acum lună
First off, I love your videos regarding this show. I have always thought it was fantastic to get an actual doctor's opinions on things that happen in medical shows (especially my favourite one). Secondly, bless your soul for that podcast plug I had no idea it existed! Win-win!
Ben Schroeder
Ben Schroeder Acum lună
D/C the staples is "discontinue" or remove the staples that were used to close the surgical incision.
C S Acum lună
DC the staples = Double Check the staples.....
SXR123 Acum lună
You finally came back to scrubs! I couldn't be happier!
jrrp jrrp
jrrp jrrp Acum 5 Zile
And Code black starring Marica Harden. One Episode. It's really good.
jerodast Acum lună
I thought he was pretty much done with Scrubs - definitely covered most of the big fan favorites! I wonder if he's just getting addicted to the podcast, maybe he'll cover some more episodes as he gets to them :)
jrrp jrrp
jrrp jrrp Acum lună
More Scrubs! More Scrubs!
Harrison Gentry
Harrison Gentry Acum lună
Totally had this episode confused with My Cabbage (s05e12), I'd love to see your take on that. ooooof it's a rough one with basically the same idea but way sadder.
squirt0003 Acum lună
DC = discontinue
Rozenn Keribin
Rozenn Keribin Acum lună
"A Femoral Lumen, it's exactly what it sounds like" wow thanks I totally get what it is now. (the average luminosity inside the femur, obviously? I wonder why you'd need to benchmark a unit on that but science truly is wonderful)
mini me
mini me Acum lună
I really love scrubs. I'd recommend you check out season 3 ep.7, "my fifteen seconds". It's a bit less focused on the hospital, but has an amazing twist.
TheMusesOrg Acum lună
Oooh! I had an ABG for surgery 6 days ago. Got a heck of a bruise on my wrist XD (although that may be due in part to Clexane, a blood thinner).
Horacio Garcia
Horacio Garcia Acum lună
Have you emailed Joelle yet to be on the podcast?? You would be great!
Jason Fuentes
Jason Fuentes Acum lună
08:26 You were correct; it did mean Discharge the staples. Doesn't quite sound like it fits, but it's shorthand for remove the staples whilst performing the necessary corresponding precautions & procedures.
ered203 Acum lună
ABG's suck. It hurts, but it's not an extreme pain that you can block; more like deep constant pinch, and it takes a minute, so your like "Owwwww, stop it, dammit."
Evie Mapstone
Evie Mapstone Acum lună
Nice to have you back, also make me very happy to hear that you listen to the podcast! :D
Alice Michelle
Alice Michelle Acum lună
Great to meet you, Dr! I am a huge Scrubs fan and I've seen every episode at least thrice. Your thorough, colourful commentary has increased my appreciation for the show. Thanks a lot ♥️
Ben Higginbotham
Ben Higginbotham Acum lună
I lose these Scrubs reactions
TheBurntCookiesHub Acum lună
D/C here just means disconnect. Common term with EMS not so sure about hospital.
Benjamin Dunne
Benjamin Dunne Acum lună
My first shift as a student nurse I was a nervous wreck. Never worked in health care before and I was terrified of doing something wrong. In fact one of the nurses on that day still sometimes likes to remind me of how I looked like a scared lost puppy. I've just recently got my pin working on the stroke unit.
A T Acum lună
Dc- could it be disconnect?
Miloh Johnson
Miloh Johnson Acum lună
Would love more of these!
Picklebobpie Acum lună
Just a guess but Maybe DC the staples means disconnecting them
Sy A
Sy A Acum lună
Garth has barely aged since Scrubs
Bes Landerin
Bes Landerin Acum lună
I had to have an iv port placed in my wrist, felt like they slammed my wrist in a drawer. Second attempt was further up my arm. Ended up with a very bruised arm. IV wasn't even needed.
Haaris Qureshi
Haaris Qureshi Acum lună
Just as it was the med students first time, it was also JD's first time (I think) teaching so it's as much about him being patient with himself growing into a new role as it is being patient with Josh.
K9 Productions
K9 Productions Acum lună
zues22t Acum lună
Please react to Scrubs Season 1 Episode 8 - My Fifteen Minutes next
Mortem Interitum
Mortem Interitum Acum lună
That reminds me of my first time putting an art line in, while an anesthesiologist guided me: "And now you need to put the seldinger wire in. Take a deep breath, let's see how anxious you really are right now." (Ofc my hands were shaking like crazy.)
Lai Parco
Lai Parco Acum lună
I remember there was once a typical Asian relative who asked me why I want to get into engineering instead of med (this was Hong Kong where there is a private-public mix). I know I don't handle acute stress well. I need a bit of time to respond and think of solutions. I can't imagine myself in OR or Emergency trying to save a life. Much respect to med students and doctors.
Mike Mixtape
Mike Mixtape Acum lună
If you want to react to more episodes like this, Season 9 is basically like this. It's more about the students and the main cast is the teachers.
Annette Kapple
Annette Kapple Acum lună
I believe DC means discontinue.
RT-Viz Acum lună
DC the staples could mean discontinue the staples ? I.e remove them?
Mohamed Saidi
Mohamed Saidi Acum lună
when are you gonna do one piece , come on
apatternedhorizon Acum lună
Do some more episodes of House!
B.H. Blankenship
B.H. Blankenship Acum lună
I'm glad their on-screen chemistry translates into such a close friendship in reality, I think it really adds to the show.
Francosteiner Acum lună
DC = disconnect..?
Jay Moreau
Jay Moreau Acum lună
Your channel is great, but it has become unwatchable due to the sheer volume of ads.
Dr Hope's Sick Notes
Dr Hope's Sick Notes Acum lună
Hi Jay; I usually just set the ads to ‘auto’ so I’ll review this at the weekend to make sure they aren’t too bothersome. Worth noting that I don’t do sponsored products or services unlike many other medical professions... so I do have to find some ways to run the channel (again may need to look at this too!). Appreciate the feedback
Jeff Knott
Jeff Knott Acum lună
I just finished binging the entire series of Scrubs a few weeks ago. Some series don’t hold up after a few years, but this one sure does. Still one of my favorite series of all time.
Tukoman Acum lună
Great video as always
Thrifty032781 Acum lună
When Eliot asks her med student to shave the guy, she's holding a normal, non-electric, safety razor. Please tell me they don't really use that to shave patients. I'm a guy and when my facial hair gets thick, I know one of those won't work. That's a thing you do on a second pass to get the tiny stubs for a clean shave. Basic shave of normal hair requires electricity.
Dr Hope's Sick Notes
Dr Hope's Sick Notes Acum lună
I’ve seen both used. For public hair than usually electric, if some amounts of hair elsewhere we’d use a normal disposal razor.
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings Acum lună
This might seem out of left field, but would you be interested in looking at That 70's Show? I don't remember the exact episode, but there's one where the main character (Eric) helps out his mom as she works as a nurse. Much like Scrubs, I think it really captures a glimpse into what the world of medicine is like, especially that question of how doctors and nurses can literally see someone die, yet still go home and be positive with their families.
Cordite Acum lună
Double check would fit DC the staples perfectly, discontinue whilst seemingly correct feels odd
Xenon Acum 5 Zile
So many comments that it means discontinue but that word doesn’t make sense in a sentence.
bigpapazo Acum lună
DC = disconnect
gregthebaritone Acum lună
If Josh didn't have what it takes, then how did Doug make it so far?
hajislover Acum lună
"DC" is the US can mean discharge, like you said, or in this case discontinue. So "DC the staples" is discontinue the staples = remove them. :)
Laurin La Tour
Laurin La Tour Acum lună
As a Licensed Vet Tech (also interned as a medical assistant before going into veterinary medicine), I still connect so much. Much of the medicine is the same, and connecting with pet owners is very similar to connecting with patients. The connections between coworkers are mirrored. The emotional and moral struggles cross all medical boundaries.
Adam Bohn
Adam Bohn Acum lună
D/C also means discontinue; I inferred Turk meant to remove the staples.
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