The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Live on The 2021 iHeart Radio Music Awards)

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The Weeknd

Giovanna Gomes
Giovanna Gomes Acum minut
Hodm. Sims
Hodm. Sims Acum 5 minute
I keep coming back because this performance showcases there vocals so well! 😩
Hawaiiii!!!!!!!! Acum 14 minute
Respect FOR what u can gave to the world! Ariana and The Weeknd looks like they are enjoying what they are doing! How many of us we are doing what we like to do?
EddyGraphic Acum 33 minute
I mean just how can someone hit such high notes live? Absolutely incredible! She killed it!
El Broer
El Broer Acum 37 minute
Yep! Ariana is not from this world and this is prove it
Felipe Araujo
Felipe Araujo Acum oră
Still not over this. So damn good, the best performance of the year.
Sohil Ronagh
Sohil Ronagh Acum oră
This duo is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 one of the Best Duo performances I have ever seen! Pure Perfection!
Familia Bazán Quiroz
Familia Bazán Quiroz Acum oră
THE GHOST Acum oră
H Belrivo
H Belrivo Acum oră
2:13 whoa
Flavia Lauro
Flavia Lauro Acum oră
sebas Ag
sebas Ag Acum 2 ore
Waoo Ariana Grande, love her
Shelby M
Shelby M Acum 2 ore
He has a beautiful voice
JM Remixes
JM Remixes Acum 2 ore
I made a remix of this, check it out and let me know what you think!
Karen Acum 2 ore
it is so beauty, the best version
wil son
wil son Acum 3 ore
A piece of art🤍🤍
Douglas Tom
Douglas Tom Acum 3 ore
Her "whistles" are too soft like the wind , like a breeze she is singing more an airy head voice than a whistle note and that's not bad it sounds good. If you have a good ear and know what a real whistle is you will admit this is too smooth to call it a whistle note Mariah's whistles are stronger she is the best example of the difference between whistle voice and head voice ok but this sounds nice i prefer a smooth voice to relax 👍🏼
Latin Los Angeles California
Latin Los Angeles California Acum 2 ore
Desert Tunes
Desert Tunes Acum 3 ore
well it fun how half the song was not live playback
Miriam Mele
Miriam Mele Acum 3 ore
I lost count on how many times i watched this
JustMeAgain Acum 3 ore
Can't save my tears. This performance actually makes me cry. So good.
Karina Torres
Karina Torres Acum 3 ore
Qué voz más hermosa ariana
Landon Villarreal
Landon Villarreal Acum 3 ore
Ariana Grande singing this song gave me like 17 days additional to my life
Kayden Acum 3 ore
Best duo of this generation.
Maysa De Farias
Maysa De Farias Acum 4 ore
Where do you care I'm not a fan of yours say I said hi to Ariana great wow I'm a big fan of you
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken Acum 4 ore
I love this music and this duo is amazing.
Adrian Sams
Adrian Sams Acum 4 ore
It's bizarre that 10,000 people disliked this so much that they felt the need to let us all know by clicking the dislike button. So I say to those 10k people, now go and sit on the naughty step and have a long, hard think about what you just did and then come back and say sorry and put right the wrong by unclicking the button. The world is a very,very strange place.. For me this was the joining of 2 voices in perfect sync,harmony or whatever you wish to call it..........
Melina Miranda
Melina Miranda Acum 4 ore
Los amoooooo♡♡♡♡♡
Beatriz Anzola Ferrer
Beatriz Anzola Ferrer Acum 4 ore
look how they make the crowd get insaneee wooww this is H U G E talent
Beatriz Anzola Ferrer
Beatriz Anzola Ferrer Acum 4 ore
im crying for this magic performance guys
youcan👯 Acum 4 ore
nouf Acum 5 ore
her vocals just amazing
Jesus C04
Jesus C04 Acum 5 ore
No les pasa que 2:14 😍😍
Jerry Vaughn
Jerry Vaughn Acum 5 ore
Don’t forget who the feature is. It sure as hell ain’t abel ❌⭕️❌⭕️
revloc023 Acum 5 ore
2:13 you came back just for this
Niti Shankar Srivastava
Niti Shankar Srivastava Acum 5 ore
Best duo in whole universe ❤️🧿
Mohamed Magdy Fouad
Mohamed Magdy Fouad Acum 5 ore
Valentina singer
Valentina singer Acum 5 ore
Magnifc 👏👏👏
Jánosné Laczkó
Jánosné Laczkó Acum 5 ore
Wendy Jarumy Hernandez Trinidad
Wendy Jarumy Hernandez Trinidad Acum 6 ore
you look so happy when i'm not with you🦋
𝓝 Acum 6 ore
I have been following you for many years, but I think you are angels
xXcofee.girlXx Acum 6 ore
Don’t like when i’m with nobody else ♧
pepe lopez
pepe lopez Acum 6 ore
Idiots in masks
Eva Toth
Eva Toth Acum 6 ore
This performance is one of the BEST I have seen in my life. I watch it over and over and cannot have enough of it.Thanks a lot for this experience!
Jenny Suarez
Jenny Suarez Acum 6 ore
My heart pumps at 1000mpm with this performance. Those voices 😍
Efe DEMİREL Acum 7 ore
I don't know how many time watching in every single day. This is f*cking good
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Acum 7 ore
There are 10K people who need to get their ears checked. lol who would dislike...this was amazing. Their voices are like heaven together.
Geo popescu
Geo popescu Acum 7 ore
I don't like Ariana Grande. The Weeknd sing nicer. My opinion...
Geo popescu
Geo popescu Acum 7 ore
Exactly. The Weeknd sings with all his soul without forcing himself. Instead, Ariana can be seen with the naked eye. Anyway, the original sounds much nicer.
Sonia Acum 7 ore
I agree, she's trying too hard!
Diya Malhotra
Diya Malhotra Acum 7 ore
I come back every single day just to watch 2:37
Simply Liya
Simply Liya Acum 7 ore
Argel Barron
Argel Barron Acum 8 ore
Omg! Had to press REPLAY I couldn’t believe what I had just watched!!! WoW this is heavenly!!
カカシ Acum 8 ore
Save your tears for wedding day
Ari my queen
Koushik gogoi
Koushik gogoi Acum 8 ore
Save your tears for another day
Shazzy Acum 8 ore
Best live performance in a lifetime💖
Anny Antonio
Anny Antonio Acum 8 ore
Danna paola tratando de hacerlo Ariana Grande aver quítate yo te enseño😂😍
Clara Madrine
Clara Madrine Acum 8 ore
I love the duo
Frayin TP
Frayin TP Acum 8 ore
The Wkend canta muy muy lindo
Greyce Kele
Greyce Kele Acum 8 ore
케이 Acum 9 ore
fantastic collaboration~
Anjlee Kispotta
Anjlee Kispotta Acum 10 ore
Who comes here every other day since this was uploaded? I can't be the only one
L1x El 0 de iQ
L1x El 0 de iQ Acum 10 ore
Nermin Salkic
Nermin Salkic Acum 10 ore
Omg mask wear each person -- katastrophe
Yzabela Brucelas
Yzabela Brucelas Acum 10 ore
when the music's so good you forgot you have your mask on
Vanessa Garcia Marques
Vanessa Garcia Marques Acum 10 ore
I'm from Brazil I'm a fan of the weekend
waigwa solomon
waigwa solomon Acum 10 ore
they should make a song together
Team Go Green
Team Go Green Acum 10 ore
Ariana's notes takes this song to another level.
Sasha Sikanyika
Sasha Sikanyika Acum 10 ore
How does ariana do that wow she's got the voice💗
Debra Salinas
Debra Salinas Acum 10 ore
They’re fantastic together.. she’s so lovely
Mỹ Hiền Nguyễn
Mỹ Hiền Nguyễn Acum 11 ore
OMG this is the craziest performance i have ever seen.
Bastian Acum 11 ore
I love this douo
Mo Azril
Mo Azril Acum 11 ore
6th time
Jessy Acum 11 ore
2:14 it just woaw ✨🤩
Alisha Vulivosa
Alisha Vulivosa Acum 11 ore
I love this already I saw this on tiktok!!🥰😍😘😝🤪😜
Joni Carling
Joni Carling Acum 11 ore
This live version is HIGHER (semi-tone) than the original duet! And they NAILED IT!!! Someone help me off this damn floor!!!
Alim Acum 12 ore
What a fantastic climax
Bec C
Bec C Acum 12 ore
Love how clean and sophisticated it was, no overloud music or unnecessary performances as fillers
Ai Man
Ai Man Acum 12 ore
This is soo fuckin crazy! Now i really wanna save my tears for another day!
Mukul Sharma
Mukul Sharma Acum 13 ore
Ooo damn that's real talent of keeping your voice high and sundden low and melody thts ariana and weeknd at it's very best
Anastasiya Biryukova
Anastasiya Biryukova Acum 13 ore
She's so beautiful and in love 😍
Alex Valdenegro
Alex Valdenegro Acum 13 ore
I just cry every time I watch this show.
optvcl Acum 13 ore
gülcan kayhan
gülcan kayhan Acum 13 ore
1:58 The way she walks 😍 and The weekend's smiling 😍 i watch them over and over 2:38
Juju !
Juju ! Acum 13 ore
Anyone else who loves how he smiles after she hits the vocals?
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar Acum 14 ore
His "ey"s are amazing
Lihi Shemesh
Lihi Shemesh Acum 14 ore
She. Is. Perfect
Slove Acum 14 ore
Muhteşem muhteşem muhteşem awesome awesome awesome
Mthokozisi Shezi
Mthokozisi Shezi Acum 14 ore
When Ariana walks in😭😭😭😭
Kaung Sah Han
Kaung Sah Han Acum 15 ore
still not getting over this
Evelyn Mwangi
Evelyn Mwangi Acum 15 ore
Looked so effortless. loved it
Chhime Choenzom
Chhime Choenzom Acum 16 ore
Thalia Paragas
Thalia Paragas Acum 16 ore
This is much better than the official mv hehez love their voices!!
Rosie Acum 16 ore
I literally can't stop watching this 😫
Mdpj Acum 16 ore
great song can't wait to hear an other one
yeasin manwer
yeasin manwer Acum 16 ore
2:08 damn......
This duos in crazyyyy thé weekend save your tears. Featuring Ariane grande duos loveeeee 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Dr. Drae
Dr. Drae Acum 17 ore
Maybe the performance of the decade
Nic Chauvin
Nic Chauvin Acum 17 ore
Ariana don't know how to sing over the music? You can barely hear her.
Alejandro Rogel
Alejandro Rogel Acum 17 ore
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