AARON FRANK Acum 9 ore
I bet the people that Judo attacked are not sad that they were attacked and lost loot. They are probably taking a ton of screenshots of judo attacking them
Rakin's Arena
Rakin's Arena Acum 9 ore
Thanks Judo for Entertaining and Educating us😅❤️
Ur getting stronger everyday and making us stronger
Small Gamer. 3.5K
Small Gamer. 3.5K Acum 9 ore
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I actually doing lava loons before i watch this thanks man
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Alex Koch Acum 9 ore
Almost 600 k that was fast judo
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I remember Judo doing the same thing like a long time ago, guess its back?
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Satyajit Mishra Acum 9 ore
You are amazing bro 👍
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Zahra Malmiri Acum 9 ore
Great man
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Graalreview Gaming Acum 9 ore
Your intro is really funny it's like youre singing :D
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Rajat Soni Acum 9 ore
Thanks that really worked
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Nice vid really like ur content keep it up
TechTerr0r Acum 9 ore
2:18 More satisfying than getting 2 3 stars in CWL
Revan Uchiha Takashi
Revan Uchiha Takashi Acum 9 ore
I've tried copying judo who copied the #1. Total failure xd I font have the level right now
RealShin Acum 9 ore
I am using your code :)
insta shares
insta shares Acum 9 ore
We need players Clan details:- BHARAT YODDHA :- lvl 16 clan :-crystal 2 Required TH:- 11 Tag:-R9RCRR20 Required only 8 players!!!! Waiting⏳
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josh ok Acum 9 ore
wow im early
I like it very much it is very interesting🤔🤔
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Rendemo Tungoe Acum 9 ore
Nice video ❤️ improving day by day 🔥
James Allen Camading
James Allen Camading Acum 9 ore
I love your videos it keeps me entertained and educated (because im not good) and I can just watch you spend money :D (I like it when you talk you are so calm) P.S The queen had the unicorn and the king had the yak, you missed it
No name
No name Acum 9 ore
You are King of coc❤️❤️❤️love from jupiter😂sorry india
VIDEO BOX Acum 9 ore
It is very clear when use headsets, either hand freea
Isak Staffans
Isak Staffans Acum 9 ore
When you try to copy the army but your troops is like three levels lower
the albino kangaroo is real
the albino kangaroo is real Acum 9 ore
Yoooo i looked at the number 1 player to show my brother th14 and then i noticed the army wondering how the attack works like what a coincidence
Devansh Jindal
Devansh Jindal Acum 9 ore
You posted video exact at 8 pm , lots of love from india❤️
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So close to 600k, subscarib
Md Nasir
Md Nasir Acum 9 ore
Clan level 6 me # 1 NNASIR
No Jakus
No Jakus Acum 9 ore
Judo: so why don’t we upgrade our queen to level 70! Me: because... it’s just how it is
Gaming Spunky
Gaming Spunky Acum 9 ore
Level 69 Queen haha.Nice Content my guy❤
Yabsra Abebe
Yabsra Abebe Acum 9 ore
How to upgrading heroes fast
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Townhall 9 needs love in 2021 😶
Kite_ Kun
Kite_ Kun Acum 9 ore
Long time long post😅
No Jakus
No Jakus Acum 9 ore
Judo: So why don’t we upgrade our queen to level 70! Me: because.. it’s 69 :(
Md Nasir
Md Nasir Acum 9 ore
My clan name is BD BEST CLAN can you inbite me plZ😪😪
The Fur
The Fur Acum 9 ore
Another great video!
Raz Xetteri
Raz Xetteri Acum 9 ore
I thought about a concept that would completely change attacks and defenses in clash of clans. It goes like this, the concept is a decoy building. It would allow us to choose a building (could be anything inferno tower, scatter shot, elixir collected, etc.) The decoy building wouldn't attack but it would remain there. Just imagine seeing 3 scattershots in a base. The attacker surely would be confused which is the real one. It could be catagorized more as a trap. Just an idea, hope you like it. Hope you would mention it in a video so the supercell team could see this.
Thúñdér Acum 9 ore
Those 3 dislikes are from people who tried the army comp but couldn't get the 3 stars..
midhun karthick
midhun karthick Acum 9 ore
Have you ever read my comment if yes then tonnes of love from India💜💓💞🔥
Jules - Brawl Stars
Jules - Brawl Stars Acum 9 ore
I love the “Welcome back to the channel then guys I’m your host Judo Sloth”
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Missing time stamps🤕
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But i feel th 12 is beutiful
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Joshua DeBuyser Acum 9 ore
Keep it up, 600k subs incoming!
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Smaran Pannala Acum 9 ore
wow Judo's patience levels are much above mine atleast.......clicking next 400 times ?!!!
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Yohan Emmanuel Entrada Acum 9 ore
I am a human wanting to be a th 14
Motion Editz
Motion Editz Acum 9 ore
U can master any strategy other than lalo
Tómas Martín Rodríguez
Tómas Martín Rodríguez Acum 9 ore
Should have left queen on lv 69😏
Shruti Shekhar
Shruti Shekhar Acum 9 ore
Judo sloth challenged with the best player Mr and Mrs mujtaba please 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 this is the ultimate battle ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️
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Md Nasir Acum 9 ore
Hlw im youe big fan plzz can i join your clan
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Siddharth Jadhav Acum 9 ore
Linda H CODM
Linda H CODM Acum 9 ore
Ya there are very much changes in me game after meeting you Thanks for being here
random gaming
random gaming Acum 9 ore
Judo try 1v1 beak
__ Acum 9 ore
Why don't you try to three star a Base with troops on loading screen?
Rockstar 22
Rockstar 22 Acum 9 ore all th14 players for demand buddy!!
Sania Melda
Sania Melda Acum 9 ore
He is gonna do copyright strike on judo sloth now
clash with sumanth
clash with sumanth Acum 9 ore
Judo don't know that he can cash the rune directly by clicking on the storage than the town hall
BuddyMoore Acum 9 ore
I love his intro it’s awesome also when he says welcome back to the channel it sounds like he’s singing with the intro song
Miguel Denauto
Miguel Denauto Acum 9 ore
Did you see all of pic before coc open Warden: where m i??
Oblivion NPC
Oblivion NPC Acum 9 ore
Can you bring a tip for every defence video, judo?
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Bhabuk Bhattarai Acum 9 ore
Love you so much judo 💘😻💜💛💚
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Vihaan Gadodia Acum 9 ore
used code judo!!
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Acum 9 ore
Level 69 Level 70 :) :(
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kevin john Acum 9 ore
Well a good player is one, who can attack with any army 👍
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Rgy Gaming Acum 9 ore
Noo I'm late
James Bermas
James Bermas Acum 9 ore
I'm on Th 9 and i have wondered to quiy playing this game because it might take years to reach th 14. Can you cheer me up Judo? Plss
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Even Though I Didn't Purchase Anything I Still Use Code "judo"😂🤍
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Saran saji Acum 9 ore
Rate my membership badge 🥋🥋😂 Edit : love you content so much even I entertain in whatever concepts .
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Gaming with the Deads Acum 9 ore
So cool judo
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Suresh Sheokand Acum 9 ore
I started playing coc after 2 year😎😎😎😎
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Martin epito Acum 9 ore
What is the mobile games with judo sloth channel for?
Vihaan Gadodia
Vihaan Gadodia Acum 9 ore
5228 i am a new fan and i love your videos.
Chief Tamizan
Chief Tamizan Acum 9 ore
Dude copy my army but I use only arch and barbs 😂😂
Frozen lordside gamerz
Frozen lordside gamerz Acum 9 ore
He is singing lol.
A S M Shafiqur Rahman
A S M Shafiqur Rahman Acum 9 ore
3 weeks ago: 500k special 1 week later : 600k special 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Judo is breaking his bank in all of his vid for us...
Dr. FouFou
Dr. FouFou Acum 9 ore
3:06 It’s a sad day today...
Dami B
Dami B Acum 9 ore
I play judo as sport
Electric Inferno Gamer
Electric Inferno Gamer Acum 9 ore
recently i purchased the jungle scenery and my account got banned because i didnt used code judo
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Interesting video Judo
Augustine George
Augustine George Acum 9 ore
Love you judo sir can I get a reply?
Lad the Mad
Lad the Mad Acum 9 ore
I haven't watched the whole video yet but I think the next video will be : I copied the base of the top ( insert leauge/ th lvl) player to see how good it is