The End.
Acum 14 Zile
Aizel gameing
Aizel gameing Acum 56 minute
braxton christensen
braxton christensen Acum oră
I tapped on the video and when I saw the yellow I knew this was gonna be a ruff ride
Milan Acum oră
Tfw GTA V didn't have mods at that time
Donavan Sigmon
Donavan Sigmon Acum oră
The spontaneous brother combustion at 18:50 had my rolling 🤣😂🤣😂
Najla syafira official
Najla syafira official Acum oră
do you played again in 2021
Jack_22 Shotely
Jack_22 Shotely Acum oră
“I’m sooo deep right now”
elliot hopkins
elliot hopkins Acum oră
Sick stream noah! Keep it up dude! <3
Jeff Shirk
Jeff Shirk Acum 2 ore
Love this
Astrodox Acum 2 ore
you should get the battle axe cause its worth 2000 gold
Jesusitox12 Acum 2 ore
The weird thing is, I can't seem to run the mw weapons mod with this map, just crashes
Jackson McLean
Jackson McLean Acum 2 ore
It's so funny watching this after watching his guide on how to do it
Vermaak Acum 3 ore
I actually got one on round 1 I don't know how I got it but I want to get it again
Hugh Burda
Hugh Burda Acum 3 ore
Game of the year is going to be Horizon Forbidden West tho
Kostashihi Kostashihi
Kostashihi Kostashihi Acum 3 ore
Noah: I might make another storage module Double the storage, double the distractions
Gamer Guy420
Gamer Guy420 Acum 4 ore
This isn’t at all subnautica for me.... says 5 hr live stream but when I play it goes to 2 hrs and is pure cod .... ummm where’s the fishieeesss
Suicidal Cheese
Suicidal Cheese Acum 4 ore
35:21 "Hymen Grinder" ???¿¿¿??? You know what? These names don't surprise me anymore. Muff mutilator? Meh I was wrong. So so wrong. Cuntpunter fucked me up
Vines of Eden
Vines of Eden Acum 4 ore
Noah please my childhood is hurting
Sean Brooks
Sean Brooks Acum 4 ore
I’m only going to dive yet scans three arms gets about a 100 other items
me Acum 5 ore
RIP Duke
Savage Clan Fam
Savage Clan Fam Acum 5 ore
So can we play this on Xbox
cracked Cat
cracked Cat Acum 5 ore
Okasih Acum 5 ore
Is the boss Valravn the God of Illusions or did he just steal his outfit?
DenBetta Acum 6 ore
For reasons i was thinking of splitscreen gaming nights with friends, we used to play this Map like crazy, bunkering top of the pool bar, no Idea of eastereggs or strategy, no Corona, just gaming. I'll soon start crying of nostalgia :')
SRG_ Fifer_YT
SRG_ Fifer_YT Acum 6 ore
yo noah i have not been watching your videos for a long time but you arefor sure now my fav youtuber/streamer. see you in the next vid <3 much love
The Smuggest
The Smuggest Acum 6 ore
Build the window Noah.
Hugo 99
Hugo 99 Acum 6 ore
Is he saying “pawgers”? If so you all need help and the play through was ok to much weird dialogue and to much talking other than that you had the longest video so thanks
Panicc Gaming
Panicc Gaming Acum 6 ore
Monkey man Yt
Monkey man Yt Acum 6 ore
I have not slept
Caleb Travis
Caleb Travis Acum 6 ore
watching the video back at 2am because Noah is the greatest
dmanloc1 Acum 6 ore
Detach the modules on the sea truck at beginning of ravine so you can fit into more places and go deeper with it then reattach when you leave
Ogdanco Acum 7 ore
Didn’t get alert
zetqt Acum 7 ore
Me: oh cool marine animals! *10 minutes in the game* Me: ayooooo wtf is that???
غزوان دبيس
غزوان دبيس Acum 7 ore
I still am looking at you shooting with it but I think this is awesome thank you
Xown3dX74 Acum 8 ore
I like the first one better but below zero seems cool
Edgar Rangel
Edgar Rangel Acum 8 ore
Every time he saves i just think back to this morning when I played for 3 hours and my game crashed
Le Kidderface
Le Kidderface Acum 8 ore
Noah ”I’m not turning on the interactable highlights because it ruins emersion and I don’t mind missing a few thing” Noah: proceeds to miss several vital materials and blueprints
TheSkarekroe Acum 8 ore
New viewer to your channel haven't heard of you before writing this before I watch, much love
A K Acum 8 ore
“Planted based stuff in here” Proceeds to put table coral in electronics😂😂
Emu Acum 8 ore
I just put 15 hours in the game and my save file got corrupted I’m not redoing this
J Sleep
J Sleep Acum 8 ore
"I don't need that sulfur back there chat" 5 minutes later "Have you seen any sulfur around chat?" 🧐🤣
Reece Toto
Reece Toto Acum 9 ore
Can’t wait to see the optimised speed run up on the second channel
Dae Byrd
Dae Byrd Acum 9 ore
i might not watch noah every day but i really love this man as much as i love cory an his smile just makes me really happy no homo
smitzen Acum 9 ore
Thank you. I'm sick at the moment but I already beat the game and got the platinum trophy. Now ima binge watch these
Banana Drama
Banana Drama Acum 9 ore
I admit I am one of those people. I don't always do it but I do it sometimes.
TheBeastJose Acum 9 ore
I’m master prestige in Xbox if u want prove I will send it to you , I just started playing in a playstation so , sum1 helps me i need 2 people
TheBeastJose Acum 9 ore
Jared Kreuzberger
Jared Kreuzberger Acum 9 ore
Pls play outer wilds puhlleaaseee
Itz- -Monday
Itz- -Monday Acum 9 ore
Noah goat
Janvictor Pagan
Janvictor Pagan Acum 9 ore
AL-AN and Sam were being so philosophical and this man was amazed by a Noot fish
Janvictor Pagan
Janvictor Pagan Acum 9 ore
*Robin* my apologies
Azure Frost
Azure Frost Acum 10 ore
I was actually hoping to see Ethan work with him
Jonah Arnold
Jonah Arnold Acum 10 ore
Good job on 5mil!!!
Janvictor Pagan
Janvictor Pagan Acum 10 ore
Weird that your "speed cola" which totally was not speed cola didn't work lol
Paula Gutierrez
Paula Gutierrez Acum 10 ore
Oh no I’m terrified of sharks and sea life but I love to watch despite of my phobia 😂
Nostalgia hit me hard on this video. I remember watching it when I was just a kid and I had no idea what the video was. 😂
Michael Drusian
Michael Drusian Acum 10 ore
how high do you think he was filming this lmfao
30minutesoritsfree Ralliart
30minutesoritsfree Ralliart Acum 10 ore
This series has been more than I could have hoped for after waiting so long. Thanks once again for the great content Noah!
Josiah Prantle
Josiah Prantle Acum 11 ore
Noah your insane keep up the great work
Mule asfy
Mule asfy Acum 11 ore
Keithan McPherson
Keithan McPherson Acum 11 ore
welcome back brotha! trying to help others to make an impact on the world isnt corny whatsoever, its a light that we all need.
Linda Huffman
Linda Huffman Acum 11 ore
1:34:38 to answer that question yes yes I have it’s called bio shock
ZoomGamer408 69
ZoomGamer408 69 Acum 10 ore
Big daddy
assasin dude
assasin dude Acum 11 ore
That was so good
Spartan_X117 !
Spartan_X117 ! Acum 11 ore
In the wise words of NoahJ "You can always use more lubricant"
PowerFluxGaming Acum 11 ore
I was looking for this but it's not on his channel, It just popped up on my recommended. Still not on his channel so a little confused but still glad i can watch it lol
Justin Rogers
Justin Rogers Acum 11 ore
These custom maps are better than all Cold War maps and Cold War zombies all together
Ellis Barnes
Ellis Barnes Acum 11 ore
I love how this man says “alright chat I won’t get distracted “ continues to visit 5 places every time
Justin Rogers
Justin Rogers Acum 11 ore
Is this bo3 or Cold War
Adam DeRubertis
Adam DeRubertis Acum 11 ore
Aye man idk if u want any other games to play and I don’t if anyone else wants it but I would love watching u play terraria
Derick Allshouse
Derick Allshouse Acum 11 ore
When he got the bear hahahaha
Jmacz Acum 12 ore
Wait... I was waiting for the video to be released, but it never showed when I refreshed, and I could’ve been binge watching this hrs ago... thx YT 😔
Tj Sparky
Tj Sparky Acum 12 ore
Reaper 12706
Reaper 12706 Acum 12 ore
Noah the subnautica part got cut off all there is is cod league😭
Bruce Ong
Bruce Ong Acum 9 ore
Bocw check the description lol🤣
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Acum 12 ore
Same and I don’t know how to fix it
Lee Hubbard
Lee Hubbard Acum 12 ore
Hey Noah,put the eggs in your aquarium,then they will hatch 👍
The Game Head Company
The Game Head Company Acum 13 ore
Can u play warzone wit me just give me a game and I won’t disappoint I average 15 kills per game damn near
Big Chico
Big Chico Acum 13 ore
Man I wish I bought this I ended on tier 30 and I want sparkle specialist 😂 honestly if I could have one skin it would be her
Defected Anonymous
Defected Anonymous Acum 13 ore
Quick question about the game, is there base building and exploration on the surface? The main action seems to be happening underwater only
Dominic Vinson
Dominic Vinson Acum 9 ore
@Defected Anonymous there is quite a bit of on-land exploration but Noah hasn’t gotten to that part of the story yet.
Defected Anonymous
Defected Anonymous Acum 10 ore
@Stuff Stuff oic it’s both quirky and intriguing to me, wish there was at least some form of surface exploration though - am after all on an alien planet
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff Acum 11 ore
That's the whole concept of subnautica it's an underwater game
SneakyNinja 277
SneakyNinja 277 Acum 13 ore
Thank you so much for playing other games bro!!!
duckalol Acum 13 ore
im playing the game right now and im to scared to even progress
Dawson Sykora
Dawson Sykora Acum 13 ore
Y is there no comments