Atieh Delnava
Atieh Delnava Acum 5 ore
Wow I like the self confidence of that girl if I actually had her face I wouldn't even come out of my house.
Supatchaya Sridachat09kk
Supatchaya Sridachat09kk Acum 5 ore
this is
Supatchaya Sridachat09kk
Supatchaya Sridachat09kk Acum 5 ore
trfdsxczaqwedrtbghytuji jhgddftdcvhfhkhkcbkdbkdnkdnehwfhfhrweirihrhefeheyruieereuiryryeiwuyrrhieyfrhuyrewueiyreft
Sabrina Costa
Sabrina Costa Acum 5 ore
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez Acum 5 ore
Dorothy Tate
Dorothy Tate Acum 5 ore
Am Amari
Qiem Kiromah
Qiem Kiromah Acum 6 ore
Hydgf Yg👗👗🤗👗
Kezia Jordin
Kezia Jordin Acum 6 ore
Her dauther is so bad if i had a baby she cut my hair i will be soo angry😡😡😡😡 like that
Maria Gregorio
Maria Gregorio Acum 6 ore
Si. Tebeo. Medesmayo. La. Mejor. Fans. Del. Mundo. ❤️❤️🥰🥰🤩🤩😍😍🤯🤯😱😱🥺🥺🤭🤗
Yadelkis Peña
Yadelkis Peña Acum 6 ore
Jessenia Ramirez
Jessenia Ramirez Acum 6 ore
YilefhkñzcjlxzgjiopSdgñ vddfhneruo1wry909r
Favoritos Da Emilly
Favoritos Da Emilly Acum 6 ore
Esse vídeo eu adorei esse vídeo
MysteryGamingTrinity Acum 6 ore
If I ever cut my moms hair- I swear she would disown me- I can’t even touch her hair ;p Ps: this is a joke based off how angry she would be so no hate ;p
Inter Carga
Inter Carga Acum 6 ore
Anitha Praba
Anitha Praba Acum 6 ore
So she is not gonna worry about eating the marker ink written on pita ... 🤔😜😝
RJ DIAMOND Acum 6 ore
So she broke her pop it now it same so she has two?
Julieta Moreno
Julieta Moreno Acum 6 ore
Wow que bien los trucos para perros
ttue4rw Acum 6 ore
Lauren Bradshaw
Lauren Bradshaw Acum 6 ore
The first one is honestly kinda smart for your kid to learn how to do hair
1805pandora Acum 6 ore
How dare she rejects broccoli, broccoli is good for you and I also like it but then again I was raised to eat everything on my plate so yeah I'm kind of used to vegetables and I don't really like sweets I'll eat them once in a while yeah but not really
norakma osman
norakma osman Acum 6 ore
Dia gunting rambut
SUSANA Ramirez
SUSANA Ramirez Acum 6 ore
That’s really rude to do to your child because it’s not fair cause it’s like you were the child you would like to eat snacks right and your mother eats your snacks and she doesn’t share with you you would be really mad and sad!😡
ItsUrBoiThePro Acum 6 ore
I saw 5 minute crafts watermark
Jazmin Andres
Jazmin Andres Acum 6 ore
tsuyu asui
tsuyu asui Acum 6 ore
Her: * puts broccoli on the cardboard with glue * Me: ye i dont wanna eat it cuase u put glue on it, THANKS A LOT, I COULD'VE EATEN THAT
Yoda Acum 7 ore
Kid: cuts hair Also the kid: **hair skills lvl 100**
Jaysea Frazier
Jaysea Frazier Acum 7 ore
Belt time
Zhafira Tsuraya
Zhafira Tsuraya Acum 7 ore
9 tahun yang lalu
Zhafira Tsuraya
Zhafira Tsuraya Acum 7 ore
5 jam yang lalu
Maria Manrique
Maria Manrique Acum 7 ore
que robona
Erika Pineda
Erika Pineda Acum 7 ore
Ethan Winters
Ethan Winters Acum 7 ore
How to be a bad parent
Alumno05 Yanico
Alumno05 Yanico Acum 7 ore
Kkkjhgghhb ! M
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón Acum 7 ore
Ola 😇😇👭👭👭👭 loteo
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón Acum 7 ore
Pla oloteo 💏
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón
Ehilyn Villamizar Calderón Acum 7 ore
Dragon Fynn
Dragon Fynn Acum 7 ore
Lady be like: whats air?
Viper 9
Viper 9 Acum 8 ore
When they suck to the splinter out with the syringe, wish I had one of those on hand when I got a splinter I got to cut my finger open with a knife and Toothpick
Keshubha Bapu
Keshubha Bapu Acum 8 ore
બાપ પાગલ હૈ
Cristina Gloria Rosas
Cristina Gloria Rosas Acum 8 ore
Lily Acum 8 ore
Let me just grab my hot glue gun and the Brockley from nowhere
Lee 15
Lee 15 Acum 8 ore
I kinda understand that if she doesn’t want her child to eat sweets until a certain age
Maricul Lopez
Maricul Lopez Acum 8 ore
Mindy Acum 8 ore
Says mum I’m home like did you leave your child somewhere
Bianca Socha
Bianca Socha Acum 8 ore
Gostei parapens pela ideia☺️👏
Luisito Santos
Luisito Santos Acum 8 ore
Areli Orozco
Areli Orozco Acum 8 ore
Good won
Zoey♡ Acum 8 ore
Zoey♡ Acum 8 ore
Oh dont worry bebe I dont care if you cut mama's hair😀
Marlene Velasquez
Marlene Velasquez Acum 8 ore
Wad 😱
Jamila Fonseca
Jamila Fonseca Acum 8 ore
Latiful Qobir
Latiful Qobir Acum 8 ore
Perkenalkan nama saya caca atau naffyzach
Latiful Qobir
Latiful Qobir Acum 8 ore
Marwa Elmekawy
Marwa Elmekawy Acum 8 ore
يا يعني انت بتتصل بنتك
Graciela Oliva
Graciela Oliva Acum 8 ore
Roliga videos 2.0
Roliga videos 2.0 Acum 8 ore
That’s not you
Lucio Valdivia
Lucio Valdivia Acum 8 ore
Si fura mi mamá me hubiera dado una paliza
Myrle Kleppers
Myrle Kleppers Acum 9 ore
Oh you know. That evry day stuff like ur daughter just CUTS OFF YOUR HAIR.
michelle lei
michelle lei Acum 9 ore
『Bunny_With_Knife』 Acum 10 ore
Why would you want to sneak food into class when you could just wait to eat lunch like how big is your appetite lady
Three coco beans
Three coco beans Acum 10 ore
Go to the bathroom lock the door and say I’m in the shower and turn the water on
Judith Quispe Guerreros
Judith Quispe Guerreros Acum 10 ore
Me gustan todas las ideas son muy buenas y me van a ayudar mucho gracias😊
Seti O
Seti O Acum 10 ore
The way she just ate that chocolate just bugs me
Alyssa Locklear
Alyssa Locklear Acum 10 ore
Djwy Uwil EDC 9udiwpciwp]
IDK Acum 10 ore
she be eating tha CHOCOLATE like its her last day on earth
Melanie Hernandez
Melanie Hernandez Acum 11 ore
Then:How to sneak in class Now:how to sneak on children
Elizabeth Cardenas
Elizabeth Cardenas Acum 11 ore
Ah why
Minä Acum 11 ore
OMG! I don't care! 😱