Ivy’s Birthday Week!
Seewald Family Vacation!
Henry’s Birthday Week!
Living Room Camping!
Ivy’s New Friend
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Lea Harte
Lea Harte Acum 9 ore
Not all newborns are cute. I gotta say that my two girls looked like aliens but your daughter is beautiful beyond compare.🥰
Kim Caron
Kim Caron Acum 9 ore
@jessaseewald The abdominal binder helps tremendously with after pains!!!
Rosemary Voth
Rosemary Voth Acum 10 ore
hey jessa says spurg
Joan Alexander
Joan Alexander Acum 10 ore
Just what this country needs. Another Duggar. Hope it's not a boy.
Katya Honold
Katya Honold Acum 10 ore
Congratulations for your baby girl 👏🏻💖💕Blessed everyone
Gity Behi
Gity Behi Acum 11 ore
Congratulations 🎈🎊 baby 👶🍼 💕
cynbish87 Acum 11 ore
Paulla Wells
Paulla Wells Acum 11 ore
I love her name. My great aunt lived with my parents for awhile until she really needed more care than what mom and dad could give, but they still saw her every week. Her name was Fern. She was the sweetest, strongest, funniest, most serious, loving and firm woman I ever knew. I hope your Fern will be something similar. God bless y'all!
Paulla Wells
Paulla Wells Acum 11 ore
"That was a toot in her mouth." 🤣🤣🤣
Paulla Wells
Paulla Wells Acum 11 ore
I just wanted to pause half way and thank you so very much for not having the constant music playing. There's nothing wrong with it, but it bothers my ears so I am always grateful when constant background music isn't playing. Ugh. Left us hangin'. 🤣
Carole Hannon
Carole Hannon Acum 12 ore
You've captured those sacred moments. A real treasure. I loved it. God bless you all.
Destiny Powers
Destiny Powers Acum 12 ore
How cute 😁👍❤️
Bronwyn Norris
Bronwyn Norris Acum 12 ore
I gave birth to my last baby who weighed 12lb 8oz and my son asked if l still had another one to come out. I felt so slim but was in reality very big.
Sarah Acum 13 ore
Awww Jessa!!! She’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys really do make STUNNING children!! Congratulations momma!!
B Acum 14 ore
Rachael Comunale
Rachael Comunale Acum 14 ore
Hi Jessa, would you please share where you got those white/wood drawers you have to the left of your couch? They look so perfect for toy storage!
Sarah Mawii
Sarah Mawii Acum 14 ore
A Acum 14 ore
Carl is a legend in my family! Can't wait for my baby niece to get her first Carl book.
Brenda Jenkins
Brenda Jenkins Acum 14 ore
They are beautiful children. God bless them all.
Luca Acum 14 ore
God bless your family.
sherri deshane
sherri deshane Acum 14 ore
Is she a Duggar kid?
Meghan Croft
Meghan Croft Acum 15 ore
Beautiful ❤️
Alicia Arias
Alicia Arias Acum 15 ore
Meghan Croft
Meghan Croft Acum 15 ore
Congratulations she’s beautiful!
Den Mor
Den Mor Acum 15 ore
These stories make me feel like a normal person/normal mom 😁 Thank you for sharing ❣️
Lady B
Lady B Acum 15 ore
Gosh he is so cute😍
Megan Renee
Megan Renee Acum 15 ore
It's the UNEDITED version for me! Iykyk. 🤐🤞🏼🤞🏼🥰
Relax, Escape, Meditate A meditation channel
Relax, Escape, Meditate A meditation channel Acum 16 ore
You’re a great momma, Jessa!
Sarah Wisniewski
Sarah Wisniewski Acum 16 ore
For a second here I forgot why I only had one baby (I never wanted kids mine was a product of ra**) and this reminded me why having babies is the worst. Bless other women for wanting babies and liking pregnancy and birth...but yeah I'm not one of those ladies. Not in the least. Not a tiny bit. My prolapse uterus from 13 years ago and my sciatica from the epidural were enough.
Eileen Guthrie
Eileen Guthrie Acum 16 ore
Congratulations! One question who’s going to be there for Anna???
Journey to the Light Year
Journey to the Light Year Acum 18 ore
What a beautiful moment ☺️❤️
Rickbower Bower
Rickbower Bower Acum 18 ore
Beautiful baby, not a fan of the name Fern. Holly would have been cute since she has a sister named Ivy.
misolou fout
misolou fout Acum 18 ore
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Acum 18 ore
Btw, I really enjoyed the vlog style chit chat. Especially talking mom stuff and being real, love love love it! You are so strong! 💕
carol kitteral
carol kitteral Acum 19 ore
Little ivy need her a sister,😍
Rosita Hernández
Rosita Hernández Acum 19 ore
Que Dios y la virgen los bendiga
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson Acum 19 ore
You guys are much more relatable on here then on TV. I love seeing the real family.
Самсунг Аккаунт
Самсунг Аккаунт Acum 19 ore
мы так долготне лежим 5м и уже бегаем.
Самсунг Аккаунт
Самсунг Аккаунт Acum 19 ore
весь синий даже не помыли.
misolou fout
misolou fout Acum 18 ore
Fern? Really
Самсунг Аккаунт
Самсунг Аккаунт Acum 19 ore
родственников никого не впускать.
Самсунг Аккаунт
Самсунг Аккаунт Acum 19 ore
вот и раскачиваются для них это каторга рожать а у нас пришли родили через 5м и все дети здоровые меньше сочуствия и жалости иностранцы очень тяжело рожают.
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson Acum 19 ore
I love the kids faces at the family pic.
R Fox
R Fox Acum 20 ore
Beautiful family. Congratulations
Arun creations
Arun creations Acum 20 ore
Tears come in my eyes without my control
Ginger Larsen
Ginger Larsen Acum 20 ore
Are you going to have a 5th one?
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Acum 18 ore
I think Ferny or Fernie would be a really cute nickname. It also works because her middle inicial is E. So she is Fern E. 😄
Cara Copeland
Cara Copeland Acum 20 ore
I’m pregnant with a boy and I had his name picked out(and a girl name before we found out the gender) WAY BEFORE I even got pregnant
sylvialouiseful Acum 20 ore
Congratuliations 🥰 May god/Jesus bless you and your family.Greetings from Norway🤗
Michele M
Michele M Acum 21 oră
Congratulations and the Lord bless you, and your sweet family. Welcome baby Fern. 👶💕🙏
Sheila McDaniel
Sheila McDaniel Acum 21 oră
🎀congratulations🎀 2 girls and 2 boys~ may God bless your beautiful family
Eve Acum 22 ore
Might have missed it but did she have any bleeding issues this time?
renee anthony
renee anthony Acum 22 ore
🥰 awwww congratulations on your new baby girl! My granddaughter is also named Ellianna it’s her first name though! Great minds think alike!
Ciska r
Ciska r Acum 23 ore
congratulations with Fern Arianna, she's so beautifull, Spurgeon,Henry and Ivy also congratulation with your baby sister Fern,like i see all the films your parents make that you all help your mom and dad very good. I look forward of the rest of the films. Here from Holland i will send all the love and kisses to you all and hope to see the next film soon. I hope you understand what i want so say. Hugs and Kisses
Lily Nelson
Lily Nelson Acum 23 ore
Oh she is so beautiful! Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean about going through a loss and not wanting to take anything for granted. We are finally pregnant after 2.5 years of trying and a couple of early losses. We are so grateful 🤍 god is good 🥰
Maryam Al Fayed
Maryam Al Fayed Acum 23 ore
Beautiful Family! ❤💙💙💗💗❤
Emily Luciano
Emily Luciano Acum o Zi
Fern Mayo from the Jawbreaker movie.
doire aintu
doire aintu Acum o Zi
either one!
poppys pets
poppys pets Acum o Zi
What a truly beautiful family, as for taking photos, they say kids and animals are always hard to take photos of 😁. All these children are beautiful and precious. Not sure yet who Fern looks like but Ben I think.
Lyn Flom
Lyn Flom Acum o Zi
Do you live in the country? Thank you for sharing.
April Noel
April Noel Acum o Zi
Ivy’s eyes get so wide it cracks me up!! Lol she’s too cute
patricia mcnalley
patricia mcnalley Acum o Zi
Congratulations, so beautiful. God has blessed you again. Try to relax when you can.
Ryleigh Price
Ryleigh Price Acum o Zi
Was i the only one cheering her on and then when the baby came out started crying
Karen Militello
Karen Militello Acum o Zi
She is precious!
Wan Wan
Wan Wan Acum o Zi
MrsT A
MrsT A Acum o Zi
AFTER BIRTH EASE!!! Seriously! Stock your post partum bag with this. It really helps.
A -
A - Acum o Zi
You can literally feel the Christmas spirit in this home. So fun. 😍
misolou fout
misolou fout Acum o Zi
"Why is your tiny so big though?" Haha love kids no filter additude hes just checking in on mom haha. she's precious
A -
A - Acum o Zi
You’re gorgeous Jessa! Congrats on the baby! God Bless 💕
Luz G
Luz G Acum o Zi
I love all of your plants I’m starting to put plants all over my house to
Brenda Jensen
Brenda Jensen Acum o Zi
Congratulations 💐 to Ben & Jessa!!! God bless you all!
Алия Рахмалина
Алия Рахмалина Acum o Zi
Какое счастье!
elizabeth davis
elizabeth davis Acum o Zi
She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!!
C. Smith
C. Smith Acum o Zi
God Bless You Seewald Family, Congratulations, Beautiful Baby!
Natalie Acum o Zi
You certainly have beautiful children! Congratulations!
Lyn Flom
Lyn Flom Acum o Zi
Beautiful Momma & Fern!!
Gina Victoria
Gina Victoria Acum o Zi
I think Ferny or Fernie would be a really cute nickname. It also works because her middle inicial is E. So she *is* Fern E. 😄
Carrieann Chetcuti
Carrieann Chetcuti Acum o Zi
Gonna miss your show, keep videos coming, god bless all your family,🙋‍♀️👍
Catherine Russell Russell
Catherine Russell Russell Acum o Zi
I hope that every one's happy now that your baby girl was born.i really hope that the media is wrong of adevorce .I really hope that is not true well I hope all is well.goodnight .
misolou fout
misolou fout Acum o Zi
Beautiful baby love the name
Mikaela Kelly
Mikaela Kelly Acum o Zi
It's such a beautiful name 🥰🥰
Sly14kt Acum o Zi