Efreeto Acum oră
These guys are noobs!
Filium Acum oră
I love how they all stayed away from gaming until they had to deal with the point loss
Lorraine Komatsubara
Lorraine Komatsubara Acum 2 ore
I'm rooting for Aaron to get this job permanently - he is handsome as well as smart!!
Sharlene Gilse
Sharlene Gilse Acum 2 ore
Oh how I miss Alex Trebek on the show on Jeopardy is not the same at all I don't want very much anymore because well he's not on there and plus Ken Jennings was the best guess the post you need to get back you need to get Ken Jennings back on the show of Jeopardy. 😊
Pam MILLER Acum 2 ore
As much as I luv ken jennings I think anderson is the best host so far
Wicked Shades Productions
Wicked Shades Productions Acum 2 ore
RIP Alex Trebeck Greatest Host Ever for 500
tryithere Acum 2 ore
Cooper loved this clue because it started off with balls.
Allan Dale
Allan Dale Acum 2 ore
DAmn Penny beat me with the final one. I said Defender, rock on Penny
Edith Borrego
Edith Borrego Acum 3 ore
I'll quit watching if they put this Schmuck to host this show.
Chapadoodle1012 Acum 3 ore
12th man for life
Wyatt Simms
Wyatt Simms Acum 3 ore
I've been a Jeopardy fan for decades, but if anything is going to make me stop watching it's this endless parade of guest hosts. It seems like the show has moved away from focusing on answers and questions and is now more concerned with the host.
leyenda61 Acum 3 ore
Think of your favorite tv show what whatever era. Now imagine them changing the cast every week. That's what this feels like to me. Alex was welcomed into everyone's home. That is an invested relationship with decades' long viewers. I don't want to welcome all these guest hosts into my home for what was until recently my regular family routine.
J M Acum 4 ore
$60,500 is like pay for one pass for Arron.
Zack Tobin
Zack Tobin Acum 4 ore
Why was the poison Ivy one 1000? That was the second easiest one after Joker
Youa Numbah Oneah Racist
Youa Numbah Oneah Racist Acum 4 ore
There is always, always, always, a Joust question in video game Jeopardy. Some writer's a fan.
Woody Allen
Woody Allen Acum 4 ore
Reporter: Aaron, when will u host Jeopardy full time? Aaron: Once the packers inform me that lafleur’s contract extension is finalized.
Logan Clarry
Logan Clarry Acum 4 ore
Answer: Who was Leland Stanford? I'm surprised it was a triple stumper
Vincent Acum 5 ore
V1Z3 Acum 5 ore
I missed 2 of them. The only ones I did not know lol (destiny and joust)
Julian Garces
Julian Garces Acum 6 ore
Why is Aaron not going to return?
Ed Baker
Ed Baker Acum 6 ore
He got one wrong & they missed it! His answer of, "What is Officer And A Gentleman" was incorrect: The movie was 'AN Officer And A Gentleman', he left out 'An'. I still love you Alex ♥️
Matthew Surefire
Matthew Surefire Acum 7 ore
You guys suck. I should be on Jeopardy. Kappa
Kevin Chau
Kevin Chau Acum 7 ore
From being a longtime Jeopardy fan, appearing on Celebrity Jeopardy 4 times, Anderson Cooper is doing great as Guest Host!
Dylan Royer
Dylan Royer Acum 7 ore
Aaron Rodgers sounded so stiff and awkward. Not a good host to keep going forward.
Terry Sampson
Terry Sampson Acum 7 ore
Well I do not feel bad I thought it was BY
Terry Sampson
Terry Sampson Acum 8 ore
I first thought of van gogh
emm_gee12 Acum 8 ore
Suffice to say. This man has quite the movie pallette.
Adin Benitez
Adin Benitez Acum 9 ore
I'm my opinion they were all ez
Adin Benitez
Adin Benitez Acum 9 ore
How do you miss the 12th man bro literally they even have in stadiums and jerseys
whyicare Acum 9 ore
I got all five in matter of seconds.
tubasaur Acum 10 ore
Barry Berkman in the audience at 1:00 to make sure Ken throws it. ;)
carealoo744 Acum 10 ore
I was about to comment daredevil isnt even in the MCU yet but then I remembered that... he's really not
robert jackson
robert jackson Acum 10 ore
i know very little about this subject and still knew them
Walter White
Walter White Acum 11 ore
For $2,000 Tony Stark calls Thor by this 1980s movie about a FBI agent who goes undercover as a surfer to catch bank robbers. What is Point Break? YES!
fluffysheap Acum 11 ore
I knew all of them, but before the clues were read I expected Poison Ivy, Joker, Penguin, Kingpin, and Scarecrow. Maybe Two-Face or Mr. Freeze could work in somehow. Egghead is really obscure since he's not in the comics or modern movies or TV shows... But legit I guess since he was on the old TV show
Carjack Acum 11 ore
Rest in peace Alex, never forgotten
Don Princo
Don Princo Acum 12 ore
The permanent host should be Burton LeVar. I love Anderson but I love him at what he does now. I suspect we all know that LeVar will be a perfect fit. His whole career has been leading to this.
Caleb Medina
Caleb Medina Acum 12 ore
Yea we’re all wondering what is destiny as well.... bungie? Care to explain??????
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
AARON RODGERS THE BEST. Cooper too much a political PROPAGANDIST.
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
Not watching with a CNN PROPAGANDIST hosting.
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
Liberal PROPAGANDIST. Bad choice Jeopardy.
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
Won't watch with a Democrat Propagandist hosting.
b k
b k Acum 13 ore
Cooper too political. Half the country hates him.
Kiyah Smith
Kiyah Smith Acum 13 ore
Did this really happen or is it just a parody? Im so confused
gcboy16 Acum 13 ore
Jeopardy should just guest host 🤷🏾‍♂️ ijs
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Acum 14 ore
He’s so good as host. The first few episodes were a little low energy but he started to get into a groove and he’s had cute little moments like this.
Cody Campbell
Cody Campbell Acum 3 ore
Are you guys copy pasting this comment or is this just guy with multiple fake girl account?
RBB Acum 14 ore
I used to read Batman comics, and never knew there was a villain called Egghead. Just googled him and discovered he was pretty much only in the 60's TV show, played by Vincent Price. The character has had minor cameos here and there since then, but those are just easter eggs (pardon the pun), not as a major villain.
WW WW Acum 14 ore
Aaron Rodgers did a better job.
marlinstrike Acum 15 ore
Easy question
Y3arZer0 Acum 15 ore
I think we all know he didn't win on purpose. He knew he could have destroyed the competition but didn't want to pass up Ken Jennings.
Zottffss Acum 16 ore
She won an average of $21,405 per day.
Alex Dolan
Alex Dolan Acum 16 ore
powec12w Acum 16 ore
I knew every one of these lol I'm legally smarter then all these peopleb
the realist
the realist Acum 17 ore
Good poker player us poker champ
Douglas Butcher
Douglas Butcher Acum 17 ore
NaNCY = Sodium. Nitrogen. Carbon. Yttrium. Yttrium is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to the lanthanides and has often been classified as a "rare-earth element" Yttrium has no known biological role. Exposure to yttrium compounds can cause lung disease in humans.
Steve Horn
Steve Horn Acum 17 ore
Why is Anderson hosting? CNN scum
iiiNTELLEX Acum 18 ore
I can only imagine Jordan playing Destiny or Halo now... "What is A button?" "What is RT?" Me: "what is get lasered scrub?"
Brandon Wiesner
Brandon Wiesner Acum 18 ore
Well unlike the football category, one of them got an answer right at least.
Meaghan Cates
Meaghan Cates Acum 19 ore
Was I unprepared to love him? Absolutely.
T Sprockett
T Sprockett Acum 19 ore
If there are categories like “Systemic Racism”, “Bending the Truth to Fit a Narrative”, “Anti-Trump (to feel better about the fact you voted for Biden)”, and “Selling to Sheep” - he’s gonna feel right at home.
Alen Lastimosa
Alen Lastimosa Acum 19 ore
For those wondering, Ari wagered 2,700. The correct response was Alfred Nobel, and Jennifer won with 18,600.
Wilda Riley
Wilda Riley Acum 19 ore
If he can manage two careers and wants it, give him the host job.
Annie Chen
Annie Chen Acum 19 ore
Patrick Dudley
Patrick Dudley Acum 19 ore
I'll be honest, the only one I didn't know was Daredevil because I haven't seen it
touchdown62 Acum 19 ore
At least Ryan was some sweet eye candy
UofL Acum 20 ore
Sports are the only categories I go 5/5 on.
annaevacek Acum 20 ore
Damn, I think I love Anderson Cooper as much as Aaron Rodgers in the host spot.
Rezan Gurkan
Rezan Gurkan Acum 21 oră
Hope you'll come back as permanent host of Jepordy!
zeronekke Acum 21 oră
Ken’s voice is grating like a forty year old virgin nerd
John Bourgeois
John Bourgeois Acum 21 oră
Anderson Cooper is better than Aaron Rogers but that’s not much of a complement because they are the worst two so far.
silly goose
silly goose Acum 21 oră
Fucken nerds
Bobby Corwen
Bobby Corwen Acum 21 oră
Why can't he do this permanently? I'm not even an NFL fan and I frigging love this dude as a host.
Minilla Club
Minilla Club Acum 21 oră
These were super easy...... Why no xmen or fantastic 4 questions?
Awedolas Acum 21 oră
Me watching this and realising, I am smarter than jeopardy players
B C Acum 21 oră
80s Legend!!!
odkb Acum 21 oră
this was painful
ragemode101 Acum 22 ore
Marshal is my kinda guy