DaCool Fridge
DaCool Fridge Acum 4 ore
This Is The song When i Come
Новиков Никита
Новиков Никита Acum 4 ore
I have been looking for a long time for a song that can fully describe what is happening to me now. Thank you, I started crying
Monia Pietrasiak.
Monia Pietrasiak. Acum 4 ore
That's so good! Pozdrawiam z Polski. 😃 " happy birthday " !?
The Riffleman's Lair
The Riffleman's Lair Acum 4 ore
dolph lundgren
Fanny García
Fanny García Acum 4 ore
It is definitely amazing the way this talented group has achieved the best performance with this theme.
Static Crate
Static Crate Acum 4 ore
Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven Acum 4 ore
This is my come
{roxy} Acum 4 ore
Thunder lighting:-)
Who wrote the song believer Imagine Dragons these balls across your face
Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven Acum 4 ore
Damn this shit slaps
Maria Acum 4 ore
my 5 year old niece loves this song. 🥰♥️ and I'm learning to sing it because of her😂
SunShining Acum 4 ore
I always play this song to make myself crying.
ronald manjarres
ronald manjarres Acum 4 ore
esta cancion en el primer dia que la escuche me enamoro
c o k e e ☆
c o k e e ☆ Acum 4 ore
So his demons hide in his come,
Jennifer Pritchett
Jennifer Pritchett Acum 4 ore
Guys I lost my grandmother Betty will b 9 yrs this yr and my husband Shane lost his mom will b 2 yrs this yr also
ashish joy
ashish joy Acum 4 ore
Malayaali evde ?
z binx
z binx Acum 5 ore
Those kids lucky she could've smacked em with those wings and flown off
Jabarjang Singh
Jabarjang Singh Acum 5 ore
Yesterday i seen this old boi movie "soldier reborne".
Ana Silva
Ana Silva Acum 5 ore
Eu beber que coloco essa música, já não basta o toque do celular ❤❤❤
NTR Patrol Agent Jalter
NTR Patrol Agent Jalter Acum 5 ore
Bruh Moment when you understand the Lyrics
Bely Acum 5 ore
This tune yo!!…
Kaye Anne Merizi Abiva
Kaye Anne Merizi Abiva Acum 5 ore
everything I feel and want to say
monica lives for CHRIST
monica lives for CHRIST Acum 5 ore
gospel. only CHRIST saves! :) please turn from your sins and turn to the LORD ALMIGHTY! HE is the Only GOD that can change you! HE sent HIS Only SON, CHRIST, that we might be saved, and HE died for our sins! CHRIST overcame death! by HIS shedding of blood, we get to not experience the penalty for our sins (death). the wages of sin is death. we must be born again to enter HIS Kingdom, not just believe in HIM and still sin and be worldly. whether you believe in GOD, or not, the LORD is still real and wonderful! all other gods are false; CHRIST is the only Truth, Way, and Life! joy and peace can be found in HIM, and HIM Only! galatians 2:20 proverbs 3:5-6 2 can we all please echo the same grace, forgiveness, and love that the FATHER has shown and given to us, HIS children, freely and undeservedly through CHRIST? please turn away from your sins and turn to the ONE WHO died for you and I (and rose), so that we may be saved (by grace through faith in CHRIST) and given everlasting life and salvation! in everything we do, let's do it to honor and glorify GOD, for HE alone is great and greatly to be praised! Amen.
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Acum 5 ore
I'll Follow You where ever you go
Philip Payne
Philip Payne Acum 5 ore
Philip Payne
Philip Payne Acum 5 ore
i'll follow you way down wherever you my
Now I’m over here waking up early making sure I don’t miss them coming I wish they would come to my house I’m a super fan
ONI Acum 5 ore
Black heart
Memeologist 21
Memeologist 21 Acum 5 ore
Well the meme community sure puts people together very quickly, any song can be a way to bring people together
ThankGodUrDead YT
ThankGodUrDead YT Acum 5 ore
Winrin Myson
Winrin Myson Acum 5 ore
Iklan nya banyak
SpideySense FTA
SpideySense FTA Acum 5 ore
I feel like she'd make a great Spider-Gwen.
Matias Tapia
Matias Tapia Acum 5 ore
VTR me cagaste a vida
Hiroshirama Senjew
Hiroshirama Senjew Acum 5 ore
I had to come back here and listen to this song. Haven't listened to it in years.
Incógnito ....
Incógnito .... Acum 5 ore
Ribiel Valerio
Ribiel Valerio Acum 5 ore
Jillian McCall
Jillian McCall Acum 5 ore
Master musician ❣️⭐️ straight from the heart....wrecked relationships
Video Edit
Video Edit Acum 5 ore
Graciela Peralta Borgen
Graciela Peralta Borgen Acum 5 ore
Max -
Max - Acum 5 ore
Esta canción tiene más de 8 años y apenas la escuché, es hermosaaa😍
PigZzZ Acum 5 ore
We are all coming in his kingdom
Renato Castro
Renato Castro Acum 5 ore
vtr vale callampa
Mr. Lampshade
Mr. Lampshade Acum 5 ore
Memes aside, this song is absolutely legendary.
Isaac Anthony Ledezma Alarcón
Isaac Anthony Ledezma Alarcón Acum 5 ore
Son unos crack, los mejores. 😭
Rince Resource
Rince Resource Acum 5 ore
The saddest, most manipulative myth ever perpetuated on mankind is that we alone are the masters of our destiny. Tell that to everyone who comes in and shapes you life, your journey and your future.
Melanie Lafleur
Melanie Lafleur Acum 5 ore
This is soooo good!!
米倉祝 Acum 5 ore
Oscar Chávez
Oscar Chávez Acum 5 ore
cuando escucho esta canción me dan ganas de hagarrarme a golpes con mi hermano menor :v
M Acum 5 ore
Dan looks older in this video🙃
benja.gd_ Acum 6 ore
Joann Polidori
Joann Polidori Acum 6 ore
Avery Adkins likes this song. His favorite.
Samanta Fornazieri Paes
Samanta Fornazieri Paes Acum 6 ore
E muito boa e a Música porque ela e A minha favorita
The cool gamer
The cool gamer Acum 6 ore
My dad was playing a song on his phone auto play was on this song started playing we never heard t but we loved it and listened to it the whole way home
Baked cod
Baked cod Acum 6 ore
All it took were the memes of the gaviscon firemen to kill the majority of all the original comments
Muhammad Dwi Krisbiantoro
Muhammad Dwi Krisbiantoro Acum 6 ore
your drummer like uncle braum in league of legends nice... that my fav. tank. "you're save with braum"
erick xander deguzman
erick xander deguzman Acum 6 ore
Tf this vid get 1.2B
Deemah '98
Deemah '98 Acum 6 ore
I honestly have no idea why I’m crying
Gus San Martin
Gus San Martin Acum 6 ore
Legendary dagger
Legendary dagger Acum 6 ore
When I pass on I hope at least one person likes the comment. Well done see ya❤
Melanie Lafleur
Melanie Lafleur Acum 6 ore
This is so beautiful.... A masterpiece
Serch Iconic
Serch Iconic Acum 6 ore
Muhammad Ilham
Muhammad Ilham Acum 6 ore
This is my kingdom come brought me here after all the years had passed
Panck FF
Panck FF Acum 6 ore
2021 alguém?
tania rodriguez
tania rodriguez Acum 6 ore
Esta buena
Day Night
Day Night Acum 6 ore
Jason McCartney
Jason McCartney Acum 6 ore
I am starting travel ball and we walk ups mine is going to be this song
micro 11
micro 11 Acum 6 ore
Andrea Man of Steel
Andrea Man of Steel Acum 7 ore
"Oh, I'm a wreck without you here Yeah, I'm a wreck since you've been gone I've tried to put this all behind me I think I was wrecked all along Yeah, I'm a wreck They say that the time will heal it, the pain will go away But everything, it reminds me of you and it comes in waves Way you laugh when your shoulders shook The time you took to teach me all that you had taught Tell me, how am I supposed to move on?"
Alvin Rüden
Alvin Rüden Acum 7 ore
so damn good
Kickboy network 2022 (Verified)
Kickboy network 2022 (Verified) Acum 7 ore
THIS MY kingdom Come please like comment
Food For Thought
Food For Thought Acum 7 ore
The lyrics of the song are so deep and depressing, filled with pain and trauma
Iconixist Acum 7 ore
So this is just beanie baby survival
Neo Matrix
Neo Matrix Acum 7 ore
Such a beautiful, meaningful song. The video destroys that beauty. Such a shame. Never underestimate the shallowness of an entertainer.
MrSquishyGD /\/\/\
MrSquishyGD /\/\/\ Acum 7 ore
All memes aside, this is still an epic song.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Acum 7 ore
I heard this song in a school bus when I was young i didn't think would listen to this year's later
Legon - S.A.
Legon - S.A. Acum 7 ore
Os cuento cómo llegué: Estaba viendo un vídeo de Wine xd y vi que salia esos vídeos recomendados en la parte superior derecha, entonces lo toque y me llevo a este video.
kurozke Acum 7 ore
This is my ~kingdom~ come